Wanda is available for adoption at Kane County Animal Control.
Wanda is available for adoption at Kane County Animal Control.

Kane County Animal Control Pet of the Week - Wanda

Tecla Metzel of Kane County Animal Control 3/24/2024 6:00AM

She's only 4-months-old.

Too young to be a stray, really, but that's what she was. A stray dog, found hanging around an elementary school.

In her puppy mind she probably instinctively thought there would be people at the school who could help her. Maybe give her food so she could survive one more day—as a stray.

Now she has a name, she has an identity. Her name is Wanda and she is a spayed gray and white Pit Bull Terrier. She has the sweetest face and is ready for anyone to throw the ball so she can chase it, although she's not really a dog-toy kind of dog. She just likes to hear the squeak.

Some people think just because you adopt a dog from a shelter, they should already come prepackaged with manners and training and socialization, kind of like your new phone arriving with all of the apps installed.

They don't.

So, that's why she will need a commitment from her new family to get her into training so she can begin to socialize with other dogs. Right now, she pulls you when she's on a leash because she hasn't had anyone teach her not to pull. She wants to socialize with other dogs, but she doesn't know how, so she can get a little shy, although she seems very excited to meet other dogs.

The best part of Wanda is she's all about the love, all about the snuggles. Lean toward her and she'll give you immediate kisses. Her large bright eyes beg the nearest “hooman" to give her a smooch and a hug back.

When she gives you the side eye, it's like she's almost imploring, “Just be nice to me, just love me."

We do, Wanda, we do!

How to Adopt

For more information regarding Kane County Animal Control's adoptable animals and for an adoption application, please go to www.kanecountypets.org.

All Kane County Animal Control adoptable cats and dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, up-to-date on all vaccines including rabies. They are tested for feline leukemia/FIV and heartworm. ​

The adoption fee for dogs is $200 and $100 for cats. Adoption of two dogs is $300 and it is $150 to adopt two cats.    

“The capacity for love that makes dogs such rewarding companions has a flip-side: They find it difficult to cope without us. Since we humans programmed this vulnerability, it's our responsibility to ensure that our dogs do not suffer as a result." – John Bradshaw, American author, Dog Sense

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