Kane County 911 staff members enjoy a 'hoppy' reunion with Autumn and Winter.
Kane County 911 staff members enjoy a 'hoppy' reunion with Autumn and Winter.

911 Staffer 'Hops' into Action

Kane County Connects Staff 4/3/2024 6:00AM

Life as a 911 telecommunicator is like taking a ride on a rollercoaster – it's full of unexpected twists and turns. From directing emergency responders to a scene, delivering urgent instructions during childbirth or verifying a misdial, it's a non-stop whirlwind.

During a recent presentation highlighting the staff, events and 2023 happenings at KaneComm, Kane County's 911 center, one item stood out as unique: the story of the bunny rescue.

Picture this: a 911 call comes in from a concerned citizen who witnessed someone heartlessly abandoning pet rabbits in a local field. As the team discusses solutions, a quick-thinking Radio Administrator doesn't hesitate. Able to leave the office, he dashes to the scene, scoops up the bunnies and brings them out of the cold and back safely.

Inside the 911 center, the rabbits, now named Autumn and Winter, found themselves in the care of an animal loving team of 911 staff members and a new home with the Radio Administrator who rescued them.

A truly “hoppy" ending.

KaneComm's commitment is to save and protect lives, both human and furry.

Learn more about KaneComm at https://www.kanecountyil.gov/Pages/kaneComm.aspx​​.


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