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Feeding Our Neighbors in Northern Illinois

From the Desk of the Northern Illinois Food Bank

In the last three months, Northern Illinois Food Bank has been serving approximately 25% more neighbors from the beginning of the fiscal year (last summer), showing the impact of the pandemic is not over for our community...
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Poison Hemlock (Conium maculatum) USDA

The Spread of Poison Hemlock

Poison hemlock grows along streams and ditches throughout Illinois...
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The long projection at the end of this long-horned beetle is an ovipositor, used for depositing eggs in wood. Graphisurus fasciatus targets dead and dying trees for egg laying; its activities aid in natural decomposition processes.

Good Natured Column: Long Horned Beetle

The other night, even though I was dog tired, I stepped outside for a bit of fresh air before bed...
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Kane County Coroner Rob Russell

Friends in Life, Family in Death

This past April, Kane County Coroner Rob Russell released a list of 40 people whose cremains were unclaimed and left in his care...
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Kane County State's Attorney

Lengthy Prison Term for "LifeLong Criminal"

The Kane County State's Attorney's office has secured a lengthy prison...
Appointments Now Available for Children Under Five Years

Appointments Now Available for Children Under Five Years for COVID-19 Vaccinations at Kane Vax Hub in Batavia

​The Kane County Health Department (KCHD) announces appointments for C...
Past participants in the blueberry-pie-eating contest

Old-fashioned Independence Day Fun on Monday, July 4th in Aurora

Aurorans can participate in old-fashioned Independence Day fun on Mond...