2024 Taste Test for Kane Count
2024 Taste Test for Kane Count

Best Tasting Drinking Water in Kane County

Kane County Connects Staff 1/1/2024 10:00AM

​Carpentersville has emerged as the winner of the 2024 Drinking Water Taste Test for Kane County. 

Three judges, including Kane County Board member Cliff Surges, sampled 27 glasses of unmarked water from nine municipalities.

Geneva came in second and Sugar Grove and Aurora tied for third place, while other participating communities included West Dundee, Huntley, Montgomery, Batavia, and St. Charles.

According to the Kane County Chronicle, Carpentersville last claimed the title for the best-tasting water in 2004.

The annual event is organized by the Kane County Water Association, and Carpentersville's water will advance to a larger contest during the American Water Works Association conference in the spring.

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