Handler – Lt. Michael Wilgosiewicz with Arko
Handler – Lt. Michael Wilgosiewicz with Arko

Kane County Sheriff’s Office Announces the Passing of Decorated K9 Arko

Kane County Sheriff's Office Media Release 3/13/2024 8:00AM

It is with a heavy heart that the Kane County Sheriff's Office announces the passing of German Shepherd K9 Arko, who retired on March 1, 2024. K9 Arko, who proudly served the office since September 30, 2016, passed peacefully, surrounded by his K9 handler, Lt. Wilgosiewicz, and other members of the K9 community.
K9 Arko was born on October 18, 2014, in Hungary. 

K9 Arko served as an Explosive Detection K9 and was certified in obedience and handler protection. K9 Arko participated in countless article searches, which included evidence recovery,
tracking, building searches, and the apprehension of dangerous felons during his time with the Kane County Sheriff’s Office. K9 Arko, along with his handler, successfully located and apprehended numerous violent offenders, at times directly linking suspects to crimes, which included firearms and spent shell casings. 

K9 Arko conducted well over 300 protective explosive detection sweeps throughout his decorated career, which included an integral role in partnering with federal and other governmental agencies statewide.

When asked what it meant to work side by side with K9 Arko, Lt. Wilgosiewicz said, “With K9 Arko as my partner, I was told no less than 12 times by suspects I arrested that if I did not have my partner by my side that night, they were planning to either fight with me, flee from me, or harm me in some way. The simple presence of my partner by my side prevented me from being harmed. I came home to my family each night because K9 Arko was there with me. My partner would have done anything to keep me safe.”

K9 Arko’s dedication to his handler, Lt. Wilgosiewicz, the Kane County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Kane County will never be forgotten. Rest easy, K9 Arko; we will take it from here.

Source / Kane County Sheriff's Office Media Release 

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