Kane County Sheriff
Kane County Sheriff

Sheriff Repeats Concern About Unsafe Driving Following a String of Fatal Crashes

Kane County Connects Staff / Kane County Sheriff Media Release 9/5/2023 9:00AM

Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain is expressing concern over a string of fatal vehicle crashes that have occurred across the county in the past few weeks.  In a recent media release, Sherriff Hain pointed out that the crashes took place in different locations and under different circumstances, but noted 'the common factor appears to be a lack of awareness or attention to the drivers' surroundings.'

“Even if we had deputies on every corner of the county, most of these crashes would have still occurred," said Sheriff Hain, emphasizing the societal issue of drivers neglecting their responsibility for each other's safety, especially since the pandemic.  The Sheriff's department is continuing its traffic enforcement campaigns across the county, but Sheriff Hain stresses that this is a problem that requires a broader solution.

Click here to see the Sheriff's release September 3, 2023​

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