Federal Funding for Forensic Lab in Kane County
Federal Funding for Forensic Lab in Kane County

Kane County Forensic Science Center Receives over $900,000 in Federal Funding

Kane County Connects Staff 3/21/2024 9:00AM

The Kane County Coroner's Office has been awarded $963,000 to fund an on-site forensic science center. This initiative, in partnership with the Kane County Sheriff's Office and the Kane County State's Attorney's Office, is aimed at generating faster leads in criminal investigations, streamlining the process of obtaining information related to pending court cases, and help determine the cause of death in a timely manner for bereaved families.

“The significance of evidence cannot be overstated in shaping the verdict of a case," said Kane County State's Attorney Jamie Mosser. “Having a forensic laboratory in Kane County promises enhanced evidence processing capabilities, thereby improving case outcomes."

Since June, the Kane County Sheriff has operated a small, on-site forensic lab, staffed by two full-time, skilled forensic technicians. The additional federal funding will allow the lab to expand, both in size and capabilities.  

"Investing in the Kane County forensic science center is essential," said Kane County Coroner Rob Russell. "We see it becoming a central hub for forensic investigations, which will expedite case resolutions right here. That's a vital component in achieving timely justice for victims and their loved ones."

Prior to establishing Kane County's own lab, autopsies testing was exclusively outsourced to an out-of-state facility, taking up to two weeks or longer for results. Having a county operated lab will save time and the costs associated with using a private toxicology forensic lab or relying solely on the Illinois State police lab.

 "The efficiency of our operations has significantly improved, with tasks that once took weeks now completed in mere hours and at a fraction of the previous cost," said Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain. “This lab will be a vital resource to law enforcement across Kane County and will contribute to the effectiveness of our criminal justice system."

Last year, Kane County allocated the initial portion of its Opioid Settlement funds to establish and operate the new forensic lab, earmarking $103,284 for the initiative.

The $963,000 in federal funding comes from Community Project Funding requests on behalf of the 11th Congressional District.



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