Floodplain Awareness Week
Floodplain Awareness Week

2022 Kane County Virtual Floodplain Awareness Open House

Kane County Connects Staff 9/21/2022 7:00AM

Kane County Department of Environmental and Water Resources invites you to​​ the first Floodplain Awareness Virtual Open House, with support from The Conservation Foundation.

Flooding is the most common, most expensive natural disaster in the United States. Learn more about what you can do to be more prepared.

This daily educational series September 26-30, will benefit Kane County residents. realtors and floodplain professionals.

Check out the Open House schedule and register at our website: https://www.countyofkane.org

For residents, the program will cover an introduction to floodplains, the common terms used and where it can flood (here’s a hint, anywhere it rains). Learn about what regulations you need to know as a property owner in a floodplain and what every resident should know about flood insurance protection. Attendees will also learn how to set up backyard rain barrels and rain gardens, and what responsibilities Homeowner Associations have for stormwater basin management. In addition, learn about the role of wetlands and their natural benefits to our homes and communities.

For floodplain professionals, the program will take you through the ins and outs of elevation certificates, and how to accurately market floodplain properties. You will also learn more about what can be done in constructing or retrofitting a building for wet and dry flood proofing, options for long-term maintenance, and conservation-minded development that support stormwater management.

Please join us, for one or all presentations, to learn much more about Floodplain Awareness in Kane County. Reach out to WilfordAnne@co.kane.il.us or KleeIvy@co.kane.il.us with any questions.
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