Safety Month
Safety Month

Kane County Proclaims May Bicycle and Motorcycle Awareness Month

Kane County Connects Staff 5/10/2023 12:00PM

​Proclamation by the Kane County Board Chair

​WHEREAS, safety is the highest priority for the highways and streets of our County and State; and

WHEREAS, Kane County is proud to be a regional leader in bicycle and motorcycle safety, education and awareness; and

WHEREAS, bicycles and motorcycles are a primary, common, and economical means of transportation: and

WHEREAS, bicycles and motorcycles reduce fuel consumption, road wear, contribute in a significant way to the relief of traffic, and promotes good health; and

WHEREAS, it is especially meaningful that the citizens of Kane County be aware of bicycles, and motorcycles on the roadways and recognize the importance of bicycle and motorcycle safety; and

WHEREAS, the motorcyclists and bicyclists of Illinois have contributed extensively to national and community charitable organizations; and

WHEREAS, during the month of May, all roadway users should unite in the safe sharing of roadways within the County of Kane; and urge all motorists to join to improve safety and awareness on our roadways.

THEREFORE, I, Corinne M. Pierog, Chairman of the Kane County Board, in the great state of Illinois, in recognition of 36 years of ABATE of Illinois, Inc., and the 44 years of National Bike Month, and in recognition of the continued role the County of Kane serves as a leader in bicycle and motorcycle safety, education and awareness.


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