Wise Tips for Watching Soccer in Europe

You should always plan in advance if you are thinking about going to a European soccer game. Ensure you are aware of what to expect at a game. First, acquaint yourself with the dynamics of European football. Go through the rules of the game as well as the sport's history. Football betting online is a fun way to learn about teams, their position in the league, their strengths and ones to watch. This is a great stepping stone for you to learn more about this sport. It will reduce the questions you may have in case you are lost during the match.

Establish the route that you will use to head to the stadium before you leave for the match. Do this whilst in the hotel. Ensure you know your way to and from the stadium. You should also map out a backup route. It may come in handy in case the original route is blocked. You may also evade unruly fans by opting for a backup route to the stadium.

Don't go to the stadium with items that are prohibited. Weapons, flags, musical instruments, banners, bottles, cans, fireworks, and explosives are forbidden in stadiums. You won't be allowed into a stadium with these items. Strollers are also not allowed in some stadiums. Get ready to carry your young ones in case you are traveling with them.


The teams playing and stadium are the main factors that affect ticket prices. Leagues, playoff games, and special events may also affect the cost of tickets. Ticket prices range between 35 and 50 pounds on average. You can acquire tickets at the gate on the day of the game. However, it's better to buy tickets online. You can still visit the stadium before game day to book your seats. Find out more about the various European soccer leagues and levels to enjoy value for your money. You can book the best tickets for the best prices if you are familiar with European soccer.

Closely monitor the on-sale dates to book a game ticket. Tickets generally go live on sale to fans in about a month's time before the game. Make sure you buy your ticket quickly. They tend to sell out fast when they are on sale to the general public. Different soccer clubs will direct you to the appropriate website where you can buy your match tickets.


Soccer is similar to a religion for some European fans. Over-excitement is usually witnessed during these soccer matches. Some fans may do whatever they deem fit to support their clubs. In some instances, support is usually taken to its extreme. Riots may erupt during such instances. However, it isn't a common occurrence. Use your common sense to avoid getting in trouble. Be careful about your surroundings at all times. The following tips can help keep you safe:

  • Don't dress up in the colors of the visiting team. Put on neutral colors
  • Don't book seats in the visiting team's stands. Sit with the home fans
  • Do not interact with visiting fans if possible
  • Always book seats way up in the stands
  • Avoid throwing items
  • Avoid antagonism with any fans
  • Watch out for the police and who they've got their eyes on
  • Don't mingle with halftime crowds
  • Exit the stadium as soon as the game is over
  • Don't enter any neighboring bars

You can get into the heart of everything when you attend a European soccer game. Football is a serious sport all over Europe. You'll experience the excitement that soccer evokes in Europe during a game. Needless to say, there are safety concerns that cloud the European soccer game. You'll have fun in Europe if you use common sense while at a game. Always be careful during soccer matches. You'll have a great time with other soccer fans in a match if you follow these tips.