What is Primobolan?

The anabolic steroid was developed by the German company Schering AO. For the first time, anabolic appeared on the market in the early sixties in the form of active substances such as methenolone acetate and methenolone enanthate. The drug has a long-term effect. The acetate form was offered in the form of injections and tablets several years ago. Most often, it is injectable primobolan that is used in bodybuilding.

Primobolan is an almost pure anabolic with a minimal androgenic component. It perfectly combines anabolic and androgenic properties.

If you are prone to unwanted side effects, for example, acne or gynecomastia, then Primobolan will be just perfect for you, because it does not transform into estrogens, which means it does not give estrogen-related side effects during the course of administration.

Primobolan has a positive effect on the body. Is he:

Does not retain liquid, and therefore is used for drying.

Excellent for drawing muscle definition due to its zero fluid retention and anabolic nature.

It has the ability to retain nitrogen, Buy Primobolan online UK which means that it perfectly preserves muscles in the event of a calorie deficit during drying.

Both men and women take this remedy. Only the dosages in this case are different. If you choose from tablets and injections, then most often athletes choose the injectable form due to the faster effect. In addition, the injections do not harm the liver, which is very important.