What does betting without a license mean?

What does betting without a license mean?

Betting without a license or casino without a license are two terms that concern foreign betting sites. The jurisdiction is outside of Germany, but this does not necessarily make the providers unserious. The important thing is that when betting on sports without a license, you should only trust sites that are licensed in the European Union. This applies to the platforms that we present at Casino without license Germany. More information about a casino without a license can be found at https://bedstespiludenomrofus.com/betting-uden-dansk-licens/

So, the sports betting without limit works as on sites with a German license, but the sites have their headquarters in another European country and therefore can offer their services to German players. Common licenses are issued by the MGA in Malta or the government of Curacao.



Is it legal to place sports bets without a license?

Sports betting without a license is thus in summary in possession of a license, but just not a German one. Fortunately, these sites are happy to open their market to German players, so the offers can be taken advantage of without any problems. Since there is freedom of services in the European Union, you don't have to worry either. Grab your sports betting bonus, take part in live betting and try out the best tips for Bundesliga betting. Feel absolutely safe when you bet on a site that has a gambling license from the European Union.

So, in practice, you have the choice of which platform you choose: In the future, more and more sports betting providers will probably acquire a German license. However, in all likelihood, there will still be foreign sites where you can place your bets in good conscience. Of course, never forget to choose only EU-licensed sites! This applies to our offers.



Now let's be specific: what is the difference between betting without a license and sites that have a German license?

The biggest difference is that there are fewer laws and regulations if you choose a sports betting site without a license. This means that you can play with bigger stakes, which includes bigger losses. The sports betting bonus may also be more lavish.

However, this does not mean that betting sites without a license are unserious. We make sure that our sites presented here have a license from countries like Malta or Curacao. You should also always make sure that you only register with trustworthy sites that are in possession of a recognized license.

If you are interested in sports betting without a license, you will also quickly notice that you do not have to make any forced breaks or comply with any limits. However, you can set yourself individual limits if you want to keep track of time and budget. However, this is not a must, while limits are mandatory for sports betting providers with a German license.