The scam of Ilgar Hajiyev with ExciGroup

The scam of Ilgar Hajiyev with ExciGroup

Before looking for the missing money, it is necessary to shed light on the personality of Ilgar Hajiyev. Who is he and why is there big fuss about his name?

This is an infamous developer, the former owner of a large construction holding SDI Group, which has built over 700 thousand square meters of residential real estate in Moscow and the region. Also, the businessman has been actively conducting his business outside Russia (Azerbaijan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine).

At the time of the "bankruptcy" SDI, their portfolio included over 50 objects. Also it included the construction sites of residential complexes frozen in 2019 in popular areas of the capital: Pirogovskaya Riviera, VernadSKY, and Accord Smart-Kvartal. As a result, hundreds of families were left without money and apartments, and several large Moscow contractors were left without paid work. The businessman claimed that his company suffered from powerless raider attacks and illegal actions by third parties (his business partners). During the investigation of the takeover, it became clear that large sums of money were illegally stolen from the accounts of the companies belonging to the SDI Group, including the deposits of equity holders, which, according to the law on shared construction, could not be moved from the account.

You can read more detailed about the story of the scam of equity holders about how his construction empire in Russia collapsed here:

Today, criminal cases have been opened against this person in Azerbaijan, where he is from, and in Russia, where he is wanted for scam and economic crimes. Official confirmation of this can be found on the Official Portal of the Courts of General Jurisdiction of the city of Moscow in case No. 3 / 1-0138 / 2020.

ExciGroup: is it a new scam empire in the USA?

As already mentioned, the developer and his people just stole millions of dollars by transferring them to shell companies. And after his successful machinations, Hajiyev and his family fled Russia under the pretext of threats received against him, leaving debt partners, and thousands of Russian families right on the street and without money.

As a result of a journalistic investigation, our editorial office became aware of where this money went, and how Ilgar Hajiyev, hiding his name, decided to “cleanse” the stolen millions. With the help of his own family and close partners, the enterprising oligarch opened a new business to grow legal cannabis in California, and right now is actively attracting investment in its development.

Recently, the cultivation of marijuana has become legal in some states in America. Now this industry is considered one of the fastest-growing in the world, and the projected turnover by 2027 amounts to tens of billions of dollars. All this makes it possible to attract investors with tempting income, the percentage of which is much higher than other areas of investment.

If Hajiyev's involvement in the new ExciGroup project had come up, the amount of investment would have been several times less. People will not trust money to a person who is already connected with a scam and is on the wanted list. Therefore, the businessman decided to hide the fact that this is his company, using a complex scheme.

As it became known from the open-access of the California Register of companies, on February 3, 2019, Ilgar Hajiyev registered Schaeffer Nutra Holdings.



Next, on October 13, 2020, he had already sold this company to his wife Sona Khanum Hajiyeva. Damir Bashirov was appointed as the company's agent.



Many who are familiar with the events of 2019 in Russia know the name of Damir Bashirov. This is not a random person, but a confidant of Ilgar Hajiyev and a former lawyer of the controversial SDI group company, against which a criminal case has been opened in Russia.

But that's not the end. On December 26, 2020, Schaeffer Nutra Holdings received the trade mark in the name of EXCI. This is evidenced by the corresponding entry in the official register of trademarks.

Schaeffer Nutra Holdings


Already on behalf of the Exci brand, the site is being created, where visitors can find projects related to the cannabis industry.

The first is Canni Exci LLC, where investors are encouraged to invest in a company that owns the land and licenses to grow cannabis.

If you check the Canni Exci LLC company in the register, you can see that it is owned by Schaeffer Capital Invest Inc, whose agent is the same Damir Bashirov.



Schaeffer Capital Invest Inc is also the official representative for other investment projects of called Exci Development (turnkey cultivation facilities), Exci Real Estate Development.

canni exci llc

Another company that interested us is the platform for the sale of cannabis,, indicated on the website, which was also registered on June 23, 2020, by Ilgar Hajiyev according to a scheme similar to Schaeffer Nutra Holdings.

Schaeffer Nutra Holdings


And on 13.10.2020 the same company was transferred to Sona Khanum Hajiyeva.



And of course, Damir Bashirov is the unchanged agent here.

As we can see, Ilgar Hajiyev again made a very sneaky scheme, which, through his wife and a trusted lawyer, helps him to hide that he is behind all these companies.

It is very easy to understand why he is doing this. First, as already mentioned, he tries to hide his involvement with ExciGroup. Nobody will invest in the business of a person who is wanted and has large debts.

And secondly, transferring companies to the name of his wife and Damir Bashirov, he wants to hide from the public the real source of money for which the assets were acquired, namely, stolen money. By this, he criminally misleads people and endangers not only their planned income but also the investment amounts itselves.

The fact is that Ilgar Hajiyev was sentenced and he will have to bear responsibility and return the money that he has fraudulently taken from Russia.

In this regard, we ask everyone to be careful with these companies and people. Please be vigilant, and if you have already invested in one of his projects, contact the law enforcement agencies, as you were deceived by hiding the real owner of the company.