Read the rules and don't waste millions. Loud story with a jackpot from Playtech

Read the rules and don't waste millions. Loud story with a jackpot from Playtech

Instructive Progressive Jackpot Scandal from Playtech Several lives may not be enough to win a progressive jackpot of a million or more.fastpay casino But if you are lucky, it doesn’t mean that you immediately become a millionaire. In theory, yes, you are a millionaire. But if you were not attentive to the casino conditions, you may not have enough remaining years to collect all your winnings. Or the casino in which you won

will close ahead

... Scandal with a multi-million dollar jackpot In 2009, there was probably one of the most notorious scandals associated with progressive jackpots in online casinos. Canadian punter Sylvia P. won $ 4,188,719 on Playtech's Beach Life pokie. At that time, it was one of the largest prize pools. The money was transferred to the operator, whose conditions stated that withdrawals could not exceed $ 9,000 per month. It turned out that the woman would have to wait over 38 years to fully receive her winnings. What is the average lifespan of an online casino? They certainly haven't existed for centuries. Constantly, some of them disappear quietly, as they cannot withstand the competition, and instead of them new

regularly appear

... For example, I doubt very much that standard casinos live even up to 10 years. After negotiations with the punter, the Joyland casino, which hit the jackpot, offered a compromise. In the end, Sylvia P. agreed to $ 2.3 million instead of waiting 38 years. Moreover, the correspondence was conducted not from official emails from the casino, but from Yahoo! Mail account. Surely so that in case of something it would be possible to deny that they wrote it. It's like in the case of Bob Casino, when a punter was called from an unofficial phone, so that later it would not be possible to prove that threats and workarounds took place %s... Where did the money go? The most interesting question - Where did the rest of the money go? Almost $ 2 million most likely ended up in the pockets of casino owners. Nice business. In such cases, the phrase “Share the joy with the punter” takes on added meaning. Why rejoice at someone else's luck if you can snatch a huge piece from it and be happy for yourself too! Playtech is deemed to have paid the full amount to the operator. And the developer did not care about the fact that the money did not reach the addressee. In defense, Playtech pointed out that the punter accepted the terms and conditions of the casino. Therefore, they did not exert any pressure on the operator. I’m even wondering what will happen if millions from the Microgaming or NetEnt jackpot end up in the pockets of the casino? Maybe they will also keep silent, because they admit restrictions in the withdrawal of the jackpot on casino sites %s... On this topic The next Mega Moolah jackpot - three million dollars has been torn down Warning Be careful. If you admit that you will play a game with a huge progressive jackpot at least once, read the rules for maximum withdrawals. The most responsible operators make an exception for progressive jackpots and withdraw them in one go. You may not believe that you can win a lot of money. However, it is possible that you will rip off several million dollars from the very first spin. In so many casinos, you run the risk of falling into the same trap as Sylvia P., where you may have to choose between half the winnings at once or the full amount over the years. Why don't developers pay directly to punters? I don't understand this %s... After all, this is not casino money, but money, part of which is contributed by the developer, and most of it is collected at the expense of the punters' bets. But developers prefer to transfer money to operators, and they are free to set any conditions they wish. The chances of winning huge amounts of money are very small, so many do not even pay attention to the restrictions on maximum payouts. An example of a responsible attitude Below in the screenshot you can see the VideoSlots rules. The translation of the text is as follows:… an account holder who has won a jackpot of over € 50,000 in progressive pokies may have to wait up to 30 business days from the date of winning the jackpot to receive a payout. After that, the account owner can choose to withdraw the full amount of the jackpot, regardless of the size. Very clear and fair rules. During these maximum 30 days, the operator will receive money from the developer and will be able to provide the punter with the full amount %s... This is an example of an operator who is aiming for a long and successful job. And what about the regulators? If we talk about weak regulators such as Curacao, you may not even count on support. But it is surprising that even such respectable regulators as the UK Gambling Commission and Alderney allow operators to set such unfair conditions. Perhaps, in the future, the Gambling Commission will get to this issue. Already, they have turned their attention to treating punters fairly and punishing play casino So far, the case has been about false advertising and some bonus terms. But in the future it is possible that the regulator will get to the conditions of progressive jackpots.