Product manager resume - how to write, instructions

An increasing number of professionals are interested in getting a product manager job. It is a well-paid position, but the candidate must be really multitasking and very good at communication. In addition to communication, it is necessary to have analytical skills, be able to listen to users, understand their problems, and be empathic. In addition to analytical skills, it's equally important to know the basics of design and programming. 

Here are a few things that product managers do not like in their job: stress, tension, lack of time, too much communication, struggling with chaos, huge responsibility, multi-tasking.

Still, if you decide to get this position, it's worth thinking about preparing a proper and powerful product manager resume. But how to do that?

Make sure you have the skills

Soft Skills are extremely important for Project Managers, so grind and improve your Soft Skills in your day-to-day life so you can show them during the interview.

Also, it is worth getting at least basic programming skills, working with data analytics and statistical measurements. All of these skills are very important for a product manager, and these are the ones that recruiters will pay extra attention to.

Create a good CV

Think about the structure and form of your CV, as this is the basis for future application. In most cases, applicants do not spend a lot of time on it and just find a suitable template on the internet. Creativity is not an important feature of the product manager, but if you want to make a unique CV, you can do everything yourself or ask for help from your designer friends.

Talk about your experience

In your resume, talk about your experience in supporting projects, even in another field! Be sure to form your own portfolio from several successfully implemented solutions! Also, provide references from your previous employers. Don't be embarrassed if there isn't anything outstanding there. In fact, this is an opportunity for the recruiter to understand what you are really capable of.

It is also imperative to understand your own motivation: "Why do I want to be a product manager?". After doing this, you will be able to compare your own goal to the company's expectations when you are asked: "What do you know about our company?". If your goals match, you can move on. Otherwise, in half a year you will be disappointed and the employer will have to look for another specialist for your position. Of course, in this process, both sides should be honest with each other.

Actually, the search for a job as a product manager, like any other process requires a certain strategy, orderliness, and of course a little luck. Think of it as the first project that you manage at all stages, and there is a deadline for its release. Take your time and save a few days to write your resume, because your future depends on this small document.