Как победить позицию

Almost all the advice when choosing a strategy relate to the player's playing position.Despite this, many novice players who have no idea about their position at all manage not only to win, but also to keep their statistics in the black.However, we are not trying to say that knowledge about position can be neglected, but you should know very well that in any situation your game can be a winning one.Many players know about the advantages of playing in position, because now there is a lot of information for those who are just about to start playing poker.But very little has been written about how our game will be built if we are out of position.
The popular advice of professionals is not to play out of position, despite this, only a few newbies in the poker world adhere to it.Poker is not a game for those who are afraid of losing.If you are afraid of losing a certain part of your stack, if you lose, you fall into tilt - then this advice will be the most suitable for you.However, if you are a real player, you should never be afraid to play first.Out of position, you can easily win the pot, and for this you have three options.When out of position, you can choose incredibly dangerous tactics like check-raising, donk-betting, or check-calling.Why are these moves dangerous and how can you benefit from them?
If you are a desperate player and are not going to sit back out of position, donk bet.Where this name came from is not difficult to guess - indeed, this technique was used by donks.However, you shouldn't forget that modern online poker has changed enough - if you can play it right, you will provoke your opponents to make mistakes.Thus, victory will be very close.
The main problem for donk betting players is their polar starting hand ranges.If you are at a multi-pod gaming table, then this problem will, on the contrary, benefit you.A simple example of how to play a pocket pair of twos.Your hand is 2-2.There are five players on the flop with you.Three cards face up on the table - 2-Q-J gives you three deuces.Since your word is first, you will set the tone for the flop.Passive players can check, but you are determined to win, which means you are going to donk big.Your hand is not strong enough to counter your opponents and build up the pot on the turn or river.Do donk-back now - 90% of the bank will be yours.
If your hand is of medium strength, you shouldn't donk-bet.This is the mistake many players make when they just start playing poker.While participating in tournaments and cash games, you may have noticed a very strong aggression of modern online players.As such, donk bets are often raised by opponents.However, if you are in the mood for luck, your games will not necessarily bring you a good win.Donk-bet with hands T-x and in the range from T to A. You can convince your opponents to make a mistake, because they often decide to bluff.But if you want to get not only fun, but also good wins from the game, don't donk-bet purely bluff.The most optimal donk bet is a semi bluff.Make this bet in a tight style, with strong hands you can confuse your opponents by choosing between donk-bet and check-raise.
A trick like check-raising is very intimidating to some newbies.In a basic Texas Hold'em strategy, this move is only made by tight players with very strong hand combinations.Few people know, but some casinos even banned this trick for ethical reasons.However, you are playing in an online poker room and you can use this incredibly interesting and unpredictable move.Since in many cases your out of position play cannot be profitable without this technique, play it as often as possible.You can only put pressure on your opponents in this way, so you shouldn't be shy and play passively. odessa.natashaescort.com