How to use SMS polls to reach your audience?

How to Use SMS Polls to Reach Your Audience

Creating online polls is one thing, but being able to actually reach your audience and get them to interact is another task entirely. To help you get the most from your SMS polls, let’s discuss how they work, where they’re used, and how they help you reach your audience.

How do SMS polls work?

Generally, SMS polls work similarly across different live polling software. What’s different, however, is the features you’ll get with the software to make it easy to set up and distribute the polls.

With Swift Polling by ExciteM, for example, creating an SMS poll is incredibly easy.

When you activate SMS voting within your dashboard, you’re asked to choose a phone number. This phone number will be connected to your account no matter how many polls you create, and it can even include a local area code.

You’ll share this phone number with your audience, and once you’ve created poll questions, they can send in their response via SMS.

For example, if they are asked:  “What is your favorite animal?”  

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Bear
  • They will text the number that corresponds with their answer. For example, if their answer is dog, they’ll text the number 1 to your dedicated phone number.

    Where can I use an SMS poll?

    SMS polls are an increasingly popular option for a variety of purposes.

    Here are just a few examples of when this feature might be useful:

    • Political polls
    • Research polls
    • Contest voting
    • Radio show polls

    How does SMS polling help me reach my audience?

    In today’s world, there’s a good chance your audience at any given time has access to a cell phone. Even if it’s not a smartphone, they can send an SMS message from their device to participate in your poll. That means, even if they don’t have internet access to participate in online polls, they can still get involved.

    For example, if you were hosting a dance competition on television that asks for the audience to vote for their favorite dancer, your audience just has to text their response rather than go online to vote.

    To learn more about how to use SMS polls to reach your audience, visit Swift Polling.