How Swedish gaming companies optimize their mobile experience

How gaming companies win at the mobile gaming market

Mobile games provide maximum convenience to modern players. They propose something that desktops don't have. No matter what you play, Candy Crash Saga, PUBG or casino without a Swedish license, mobility makes the experience comfortable. So people love it!

Statistics proves it:

  •       Mobile gamers occupy 51% of the total number of players
  •       In 2021 the quantity of mobile gamers is forecasted at the level of 2.7 billion
  •       It is supposed that the world market of games will reach 180 billion dollars by the end of the same year
  •       Asia holds the biggest weight on the market with more than 41 billion dollars in revenue
  •       56% of all mobile gamers play more than 10 times a week
  •       And more than half of the players are older than 34 years
  •       Most of this audience is female (63%)
  •       Almost half of the mobile gamers spend money in games

Why do people like mobile games? Further, in the text, we will discuss the advantages of mobile casino gaming.

Variety of games

One of the major advantages of mobile sites — a huge range of games. Players can choose from poker, roulette, sports betting, slot machine, etc. Almost every site offers a few hundred, if not thousands of entertainments. Providing less is already considered a “bad tone”.

Besides quantity, quality and innovative experience are important. Games have pleasant graphics, concise and user-friendly interface, and even an exciting story.

Also, mobile gamers can play most modern games for free. Thus, newcomers meet with fewer risks and can improve their technique until they are trained enough to face real opponents.

Top five types of casino games available online and via apps in Sweden:

  •       Roulette — you have to guess which sector of the game wheel the ball will fall on
  •       Blackjack is a card game where you have to collect 21 points. It has the biggest mathematical advantage for players
  •       Slot machines — 90% of players choose them for entertainment. Do not require any practical skills for the game
  •       Poker — participants use their knowledge of card combinations and their probabilities for winning
  •       Keno and the lottery — you have to guess which combination of numbers will drop out in a draw


One of the obvious reasons is high availability. With a smartphone or tablet, you can play anywhere and anytime: at home, in transport, on work breaks. The main thing is to have a stable Internet connection.

There is no need to dress up and comply with the dress code of the offline casino. Customers can play in Live, feeling all the same as in a real brick-and-mortar institution. But unlike a land-based gambling house, games are available at any time.

4G and the oncoming 5G already provide a stable and high-speed Internet. Mobile users can watch movies, do online shopping and play games. Now there is no need to get attached to computers to keep in touch. In any case, the user experience will be of high quality and without stutters.

According to, some gaming companies without a Swedish license are already offering VR rooms with an even stronger effect than a live casino. Thus, you get easy access to entertainment as close to reality as possible.

Improved Reward System

All casinos want you to be a regular customer. Bonuses and promotions are perhaps the only methods available to online platforms, as opposed to ground institutions. Almost every gambling platform provides bonuses to visitors.

Visitors can use the bonuses they receive to increase their stakes or game session time. In both cases, they increase their chances of winning.

Types of Promotions that Sweden online casinos and spelbolag utan svensk licens offer:

  •       Welcome bonus — an award for new visitors. In Sweden, only this type of reward is available, but it can also be different.
  •       Match — 100%, 50% or another ratio of accrued money to the deposit made. The most frequent type of reward
  •       Non-deposit — a fixed amount of money or free spins. The player does not even need to make the first deposit to get a gift.
  •       Free spins — most often provided at certain slot machines
  •       Referral Program — opportunity to get a bonus for inviting friends
  •       High roller is a big reward for players who like to play big.
  •       Mobile Bonus — exclusive for mobile free spins
  •       Loyalty points — given for participation in the games. You can exchange them for different perks.


This factor includes several notions at once, although, they all mean that gamblers get a safe environment to play.

First of all, mobile casinos should support reliable and fast banking. Fast transactions mean that casinos are trustworthy. There should be no hidden fees or delays in withdrawing money.

Modern mobile casinos offer safe access to games. For example, in Sweden, access via fingerprint or at least electronic identifier BankID is becoming increasingly popular. But even traditional login-password is protected by SSL encryption protocols. Without these security measures, no modern casino works.

Also, high trustworthiness is achieved by good support. Casino employees respond quickly in live chats on websites or other messengers. Communication is available 24 hours a day.