Swearing in the Work Place  Good? Bad?
Swearing in the Work Place Good? Bad?

Swearing in the Work Place: Good? Bad?

Kane County Connects Staff 8/24/2022 11:00AM

There are many reasons people use a curse word in the work place. Experts suggest months working from home during the pandemic and a more casual atmosphere back in the office has led to an increase in the use of profanity.

According to an April 22, 2022 article in the Wall Street Journal (WJS), a well-placed expletive can cut through tension but needs to be used in the right setting.

One leadership consultant warns against dropping a curse word in an email or while in a large group where it might be widely shared and lose context. Nancy Halpern tells the WSJ, swearing in the workplace also needs to be done sparingly. “Don’t let it be default,” she told the WSJ. “Let it be by choice.” Last piece of advice, Halpern suggests not using an expletive when complaining in the office because you may come across as doubly negative.

Finally, there is also a possible liability of using profanity in the workplace where it could haunt a worker if someone is offended. Experts tell the WSJ that a person needs to ‘read the room’ before using a curse word and apologize if someone looks uncomfortable with your choice of words

Source: Wall Street Journal
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