Gengler and Johnson
Gengler and Johnson

Retirement and Historic Promotion at Kane County Sheriff's Office

Kane County Connects Staff 10/21/2022 10:00AM

Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain has announced that his Undersheriff, Pat Gengler, will be retiring January 1 of 2023. Undersheriff Gengler was deputized by the Kane County Sheriff’s Office in April of 1996 and assigned to the patrol division. Undersheriff Gengler served as a Field Training Officer and a Detective in the Special Operation Unit. In 2003, he was promoted to Sergeant and served as a supervisor in the Sheriff’s Patrol and Investigations Divisions. In 2006, Undersheriff Gengler was promoted to Lieutenant and served in the Patrol, Investigations, and Administration Divisions. In July of 2014, he was appointed to Undersheriff by Sheriff Pat Perez. In January of 2015, Undersheriff Gengler was appointed as Director of Administration by Sheriff Kramer, who then made Gengler his Undersheriff in 2018. Sheriff Ron Hain retained him as Undersheriff during his full first term.

As the Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, Undersheriff Gengler's name was well known in the community as the voice of the Sheriff’s Office and he always enjoyed a positive relationship with local media.

Sheriff Ron Hain’s Chief of Staff, Amy Johnson, will be appointed as Undersheriff when Gengler retires. Johnson will be the first female Undersheriff at the Kane County Sheriff’s Office. Johnson has served her entire sworn career at the Sheriff’s Office since she became a Deputy in 2004.

During her almost 20-year career, she has worked as a Patrol Deputy, Officer in Charge, Recruitment Officer, ​​Investigator/Detective, Crime Scene Evidence Technician, Grant Writer, Field Training Officer and Juvenile Officer. She was also a member of the Kane County Accident Reconstruction Team and is an active member of the Kane County Major Crimes Task Force as a Lead Crime Scene Investigator.

Chief of Staff Johnson holds an undergraduate degree from Illinois State University. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Sciences with an emphasis in Policing and is currently working on the publication of her dissertation for her Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration for Leadership and Management. She currently teaches Law Enforcement courses at Elgin Community College and Forensic Science courses at Aurora University.

SOURCE:  Kane County Sheriff's Office (KCSO)
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