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Kane County 16th Judicial Circuit Launches DUI Problem-Solving Court

Kane County Court Services Media Release 7/10/2023 7:00AM

The Honorable Clint Hull, Chief Judge of the 16th Judicial Circuit, is pleased to announce the launch of DUI Problem-Solving Court, the fourth treatment court within Kane County. The Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) certified the DUI Court, making Kane the only county in Illinois with four certified stand-alone treatment courts: Mental Health Court, Drug Court, Veteran's Court, and now a DUI Problem-Solving Court.

Kane County Circuit Judge René Cruz will preside over the DUI treatment court. “The DUI Court is an alternative to incarceration for non-violent DUI offenders; the court will focus on intensive monitoring, treatment programs, and rigorous supervision protocols," said Judge Cruz.  

The DUI Problem-Solving Court is a collaborative effort bringing together various stakeholders, including judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, treatment providers, probation officers, law enforcement agencies and community leaders. This multidisciplinary approach aims to holistically address the underlying causes of DUI offenses and provide comprehensive support to offenders working toward recovery.

In preparation for the implementation of DUI Problem-Solving Court, Court Services applied for and was awarded a $130,000 grant through the Illinois Department of Transportation. Grant funds will support treatment, training and education, drug-testing supplies, and partial salary of the public defender assigned to the program.  

“We have an unwavering commitment to enhancing public safety and reducing the occurrence of impaired driving incidents," said Emily Saylor, a Director in Court Services. “Our DUI Problem-Solving Court takes an innovative approach emphasizing accountability, treatment and ongoing supervision."

The launch of the DUI Problem-Solving Court represents a significant step toward addressing impaired driving in the community. “By combining judicial oversight, evidence-based treatment, and comprehensive support services, we believe we can make a substantial impact on reducing DUI incidents, preventing future offenses, and promoting public safety," said Judge Cruz.

DUI Problem-Solving Court Key Principles:

  • Comprehensive Treatment:  Evidence-based treatment programs with access to substance abuse counseling, therapy sessions, education programs, and other interventions aimed at addressing the root causes of impaired driving behavior.
  • Accountability and Monitoring: Participants will be closely monitored through regular check-ins, drug testing, and supervision by the team in order to provide guidance, encouragement, and swift intervention when necessary.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: The success of our DUI Problem-Solving  Court depends on collaboration among various stakeholders. We will work closely with substance abuse counselors, law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, and treatment providers to create a network of support for participants.
  • Graduated Sanctions and Incentives: The goal is to encourage positive behavioral change and discourage repeat offenses. Participants who meet program requirements, demonstrate progress, and maintain sobriety may be eligible for reduced charges, modified sentences and other incentives to incentivize their commitment to rehabilitation.


​Source/Kane County Court Services Media Release

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