Doesn't this milkshake look good!
Doesn't this milkshake look good!

Community Scoop: Kane County Shares Favorite Ice Cream Spots

Kane County Connects Staff 6/27/2024 2:00PM

​This summer, Kane County Connects invited residents to share their favorite ice cream spots, and the response was overwhelming.  This wasn't a contest, just an opportunity to give a shout-out to those who make our tastebuds happy. 

From classic parlors to hidden gems, the community shared a diverse range of spots, each with its own unique charm and flavors, praising not only the delicious ice cream but also friendly service and atmosphere at these popular locations.    Ice Cream Final (002).jpg

  • ​Kimmer's - St. Charles
  • Charlie's Silver Spoon - Aurora
  • Graham's Chocolate - Geneva
  • Banana Split - Aurora
  • Milk House - Pingree Grove
  • Chick-N-Dip - Hampshire
  • Batavia Creamery - Batavia
  • Alice's - Elburn
  • Candy's Creamery - Geneva
  • All Chocolate Kitchen - Geneva
  • Van's Frozen Custard - East Dundee
  • Deri Delight - Aurora
  • Dairy Joy - Hinckley (technically not Kane County, but we'll take it)
  • Al's Café - Elgin
  • Kilwins - Geneva/St. Charles
  • Huntley Dairy Mart - Huntley
  • Dairy Queen - Multiple locations

Here's some of the comments associated with the emails we receieved.

"Our daughter lives in CO. Milk House is one of the 'must haves' when she is here to visit."

"Grahams’ ice cream, the best in Kane County or all around." 

"Kimmers is my fav place for ice cream."

"Milk House in Pingree Grove. A bit quaint, lots of unusual flavors, and very generous portions."

"My family’s favorite location for ice cream is of course Banana Split! They have the best treats and the owners are the nicest people I know! They are a true gem to the city!"

"My husband and I visited Banana Split today for the first time - and we LOVE IT! We had the strawberry-vanilla swirl cones; the best soft serve I've had in years! Long live Banana Split!"

"My favorite place for ice cream is Kimmer’s in St. Charles. Fantastic homemade ice cream with all the standards plus some exotic gourmet flavors to mix it up a bit. Friendly staff and a great location to walk, bike, or drive."

"Our favorite ice cream shop: Charlie’s Silver Spoon Creamery in downtown Aurora!"

"Kimmer’s Ice Cream is the best! Since 2010. Homemade and owners live locally."

"We love Banana Split because of the delicious ice cream and the awesome owners! We have been loyal customers from the beginning."

"Kilwin’s in Geneva is perfection."​

"I just have to say that there is no better ice cream shop in this region that stands up to Banana Split. It's the whole package. Friendly staff. The owners care about their staff, customers, and the community. The property is kept in pristine condition. We all rejoice when the ice cream cones go up on the building in February!"

"Pingree Grove…The Milk House! 5 stars especially for their Christmas in July flavors!"

"Banana Split is my favorite ice cream place!"

"We LOVE Banana Split! Best Ice Cream in town :) We live in North Aurora and go there often!"

"The Milk House Ice Cream shop in Pingree Grove is our favorite ice cream shop in Kane County. They make incredibly high-quality ice cream, along with delicious and unique ingredients including handmade cakes, cookies, and candies. So yummy!"

"We love Banana Split because of the delicious ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, banana boats, and so much more."

"We go to Banana Split every summer and hopefully they are still in business for many more years to come!"

"Batavia Creamery – Number One!"

"Favorite spot for ice cream is Alice’s Place."

"I would like to submit Milk House in Pingree Grove as my favorite ice cream spot! All of their ice cream is SO delicious and they built a really nice outdoor space to sit, as well as a really cool barn to sit in during the colder months."

"My vote for ice cream is Deri Delight."

"Nothing beats Kimmer’s."

"My favorite ice cream shop is the Milk House in Pingree Grove. Very unique and DELICIOUS homemade flavors."

"My favorite ice cream spot is Kimmer's Ice Cream in downtown St. Charles. The whole family loves this shop!"

"Our favorite ice cream place is the Batavia Creamery."

Thank you to everyone who participated and shared their go-to ice cream destinations. If we missed one that you want to share, email us at  Keep enjoying those sweet treats, Kane County!

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