Spongy Moth
Spongy Moth

Spongy Moth Non-Toxic Aerial Application Scheduled for June 27 in Kane County

Illinois Department of Agriculture Media Release 6/24/2022 9:00AM

​SPRINGFIELD, IL – In April, the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) held six public meetings to allow residents to learn and ask questions about the upcoming Spongy Moth Mating Disruption treatments. The treatment process is weather-dependent, but IDOA staff are planning to complete them throughout Illinois on Monday, June 27th & Tuesday, June 28th.

Areas to be treated are Will, Cook, DuPage, Kane, Winnebago, Stephenson, and Jo Daviess Counties. A total of 32,783 acres will be sprayed. Maps of the specific areas can be found on the Slow the Spread website https://www.slowthespread.org/pages/illinois-outreach.​

spongy moth 1.png Lymantria dispar, aka Spongy Moth, is a non-native pest that feasts on more than 250 species of trees and shrubs, but its preferred food source is oak leaves. Large populations are capable of stripping plants bare, leaving them vulnerable to secondary insect and disease attacks. Severe defoliation also can cause tree death.

Areas listed in the table and map below will receive a pheromone application Monday & Tuesday.       

The pheromone, Splat GM-Organic, serves as a sexual attractant that confuses male spongy moths and prevents them from breeding. This is an aerial application with yellow ‘Air – tractor’ airplanes. The product used is an organic, biodegradable product made entirely of food grade materials. It is not harmful to humans or pets.

MSDS and Product labels can be found at the Slow the Spread website: https://www.slowthespread.org/pages/illinois-outreach.

IDOA says weather permitting, spraying in the area of Campton Hills will begin early afternoon on June 27, 2022.

Information provided by the Illinois Department of Agriculture

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