Passing of Beloved Cougar, Tonka

Kane County Connects Staff / Philips Park Zoo Facebook Post 2/6/2023 8:00AM

Phillips Park Zoo is saddened to announce the passing of one of the zoo’s long-term residents, Tonka, the cougar.

18-year-old Tonka succumbed to complications associated with his advanced age. Receiving treatment for arthritis for some time, Tonka was monitored closely by the Phillips Park Zoo veterinarian and staff. Recently, his escalating condition caused a quick decline in his comfort, mobility, and overall quality of life.

Tonka and his littermate, Macha, came to the Phillips Park Zoo in the spring of 2005 as young cubs and quickly became favorites of both staff and visitors. Tonka could often be seen roaming in his play area, hanging out above the entrance to the cat building, or resting in the shade of his den.

He played a significant role in helping to educate countless local students about the importance of conservation initiatives and the natural history of these magnificent cats.

Tonka will be missed by zoo staff and city residents alike.

Source/Facebook Post from Philips Park Zoo
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