NEW Interactive Map Helps You Find Your Way To Kane County's Awesome Recycling Centers!

NEW Interactive Map Helps You Find Your Way To Kane County’s Awesome Recycling Centers!

  • Editor’s Note: This recycling-tips article was written by Kane County Recycling Coordinator Clair Ryan. Got a question or idea for a recycling tip? Contact Clair at 630-208-3841 or

A couple of our recycling centers in the county are, admittedly, a little tricky to find.

The West Dundee site is south of the village center in an area with relatively few landmarks. The site itself isn’t visible from the main road, and although the street address puts it on a road called Angle Tarn, it is actually only accessible from a side road.

(Somewhat oddly, it is not called Angle Tarn Street or Road, just Angle Tarn. A tarn is a small mountain lake. Angle Tarn, the lake, presumably the namesake of the road in West Dundee, is in Cumbria, England.)

The Aurora site has almost the opposite problem: It is in a very busy location, where it’s easy to miss the sign for the center driveway due to the sheer number of other signs and businesses in the same area.

I’ve made a couple of updates to the Recycling Center webpage to aid residents in finding our sites.

The website now links to an interactive map showing all locations connected to the Kane County recycling program. The recycling centers (marked with the iconic recycling symbol) and their nearby landmarks (marked with yellow stars) are on the first map layer, right at the top of the menu.

Each marker includes photos to help residents get a feel for the surroundings. The interactive map also integrates with Google Maps for directions.

(Kane County does not endorse Google services over any competitor. MyMaps is a free application.)

Users can select the site they’re interested in and then click the navigation button (a white diamond with an arrow) right next to the location name to open Google Maps and get directions from their starting address.

Tony in West Dundee.

For those who prefer written directions, we’ve also added those to the website too, describing the approach to each site on the nearest main road from either direction. If you get lost, we’re here to help at (630) 208-3841, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday!

One final note for visitors of our centers is that the eWorks staff attendants (Tony in West Dundee, Ignacio in Batavia, and Jose in Aurora) are likely to be sheltering indoors when you arrive during very cold or wet weather.

Please pull your vehicle up where indicated, stay inside the vehicle and wait a few moments for service.

The attendants can unload items, process payments for items that carry fees (TVs, monitors, aerosols), and answer any questions you might have.

Do you have a suggestion about how we can make our website more user-friendly or improve service at our Recycling Centers? We are open to suggestions! Please email them to!

Recycling Center in West Dundee

Recycling Center in Aurora

Recycling Center in Batavia