Kane County Animal Control Increases Pay Levels To Encourage Quality Workers to Apply -- And Stay

Kane County Animal Control Increases Pay Levels To Encourage Quality Workers to Apply — And Stay

For more than a year, Kane County Animal Control Administrator Dr. Brett Youngsteadt has had an uphill battle in efforts to recruit and retain new employees.

Brett Youngsteadt

Because staffing levels are critical to continue to maintain the standard of care provided by the KCAC, he has made this a top focus of his work the past year.

Thanks to his efforts to stabilize staffing levels and prevent further turnover, the Kane County Board passed a resolution at its Jan. 11, 2022, meeting to raise the starting salary of Kane County Animal Control employees to be more competitive with other counties.

“This will allow KCAC to be more competitive with other municipalities and ensure Kane County has some of the best Animal Control employees around,” Youngsteadt said. “It is difficult to find people to apply — let alone stay — at our facility. A large number of people come to Kane County to start and get trained and then take jobs that pay more in other counties.”

While pay is important, it’s not the only reason to work at Kane County Animal Control.

Following the action by the Kane County Board, starting salaries for all KCAC positions will increase to the following:

  • $16 an hour for part-time and full-time kennel workers;
  • $17 an hour for Lead Kennel Assistant;
  • $18 an hour for Administrative Assistant;
  • $19.50 an hour for Warden;
  • $23 an hour for Shelter Program and Operations Manager;
  • $44,000 per year for Administrative Officer II;
  • $35,500 per year for Part-time Deputy Administrator and
  • $80,000 per year for Administrator

In addition, current staff salaries also will increase to be aligned with new starting salaries.

“We need to start retaining our own employees here and ensure Kane County has the best Animal Control,” Youngsteadt said. “We are very proud of the work we do, but when we are short staffed this puts us in a difficult position.

“We always need to ensure the great animals here are taken care of first and the calls are being handled in the field. We are a very lean department to start with and this will help us be able to fill positions faster and with more qualified candidates.”

The increase in salaries will be funded by the increase in Kane County rabies tags which took effect Jan. 1, 2022.

SOURCE: Kane County Government news release