Larsen Family Light Show Returns in 2021 -- But Last Year at Elburn Location

Larsen Family Light Show Returns in 2021 — But Last Year at Elburn Location


One of Kane County’s most popular family holiday light shows will be taking place in Elburn for the last time this year.

The Larsen’s Light Show, held annually at 42W891 Beith Road at Campton Hills, is in full swing and will be offering light shows nightly through Jan. 2,  2022.

But the following year …

“Yeah, rumors are spreading, so thought I would just clear the air here,” Brian Larsen said in a Facebook post. “The show is moving, and we started construction. The new location will be at Goebberts Farm on a dedicated 8-acre parcel … Therefore, the show will be one more and THE LAST YEAR at the same location in Elburn.”

Larsen said there are no real big changes to this year’s show, although there will be a few new songs.

As in past years, all traffic must enter from Anderson Road from IL Route 38 or IL Route 64. No traffic is allowed from westbound Beith Road.


1. All traffic must enter from Anderson road heading east! If you come from the east heading west you will not get in and will have to enter from Anderson road which will add to your wait time! (Look at map on post.)

2. No turning around in any neighbors driveways. RESPECT THE NEIGHBORS (If you do, you will be asked to leave and try again, even if you wait in line.)

3. Turn headlights off when in your row. RESPECT the workers and watch for them.

4. All large SUVs and trucks will be staged on road or in designated truck lanes (blue and red stakes) or very end of rows when told.

5. Please donate. Roadway signs, candy canes, traffic controllers cost money.

6. SMILE, laugh and enjoy! Enjoy the time and create memories


1. Electric bill is around $1,000 a month

2. Takes two months to set up and one month to take down. (Normally, 95% of it comes down every year.)

3. Annually bring in about 85,000 cars a year.

4. The Larsens have been doing this for 14 years.

5. This will be are last year/ “We are excited to be moving to Goebberts,” Larsen said.

6. The entire show is put up by Brian Larsen and a few of his employees.

7. Brian Larsen started Epic light shows in 2018 and currently has 12 shows across the country. Goebberts drive is one of them. Brian and his kids are out working the parking lot EVERY NIGHT.

8. There are five different shows and every show has different songs.

9. Average wait time on weekdays is 20 minutes, and on weekends is 30 minutes. Christmas week is a little higher.

10. The lines look very long on the side of the road but move quickly. “We ask that you stay as for to the side of the road as you safely can and as close to the car in front of you as you can,” Larsen said.

Larsen Christmas Lights Show on Facebook