Kane County Health Department Seeking Volunteers to Assist at The Kane Vax Hub

Kane County Health Department Seeking Volunteers to Assist at The Kane Vax Hub

The Kane County Health Department is seeking individuals to join the Medical Reserve Corps and volunteer to provide vaccines to the community at the Kane Vax Hub in Batavia. Currently, the greatest need is for individuals with medical backgrounds/approved licensures who can administer vaccines.

What duties will volunteers be asked to perform? 

Medical volunteers provide shots at the clinics, while non-medical volunteers typically help in supporting roles such as symptom triage, greeting, registration/forms distribution, medical screening, flow monitoring, and vaccine checkout. They might also help with entering data.

Should volunteers have any specific skills?

Currently there is an Executive Order that expands the scope of practice to certain medical professionals to allow for giving vaccines to include:

  • Paramedics (Can vaccinate people 6 years old and older)
  • EMT-I
  • LPNs
  • RNs
  • Nursing Students (under direct supervision of their clinical instructor)
  • Dentists (can vaccinate people 16 years old and older)
  • Pharmacists (can vaccinate people 3 years old and older)

Medical volunteers must have a current license. Non-medical volunteers must be good at working with the public and be able to provide excellent custom service, as well as being comfortable with utilizing technology.

What is the time commitment asked of a volunteer? Is a minimum or maximum number of hours, or days of the week, requested? 

There is not a minimum requirement for commitment. Volunteers may serve as frequently as they wish.

Is being bilingual a plus? If so, what languages are most needed in volunteers?

Definitely, yes. Spanish and Hindi would be really helpful, but assistance with any other language would be welcome.

Will volunteers receive any specific training?

Medical volunteers must complete vaccination training online and successfully complete a vaccination competency checklist. All volunteers receive just-in-time training on their first shift at the vaccination clinics.

How do potential volunteers apply?

Volunteers can visit KaneHealth.com/Pages/Medical-Reserve-Corps.aspx and click on the Kane County MRC volunteer banner at the top of the page. Individuals who are interested can also contact the Health Department at 630-208-3801 for more information.

Where will volunteers be working?

We are requesting that volunteers help at the Kane County Vax Hub, 501 N. Randall Road, Batavia. Dates and hours subject to change based on vaccine availability and demand.

For more information about scheduling a COVID-19 vaccination appointment, visit KaneVax.org.

SPOURCE: Kane County Health Department news release