Kane County Director of Court Services Appointed Chair of Supreme Court Probation Policy Advisory Board

Kane County Director of Court Services Appointed Chair of Supreme Court Probation Policy Advisory Board

The Illinois Supreme Court has chosen Executive Director of Kane County Court Services Lisa Aust to lead the Supreme Court Probation Policy Advisory Board.

Aust will serve as chair of the Policy Advisory Board for a term expiring Nov. 30, 2023.

Lisa Aust

Kane County 16th Circuit Chief Judge Clint Hull announced the appointment in a Tuesday (Dec. 14, 2021) news release.

“Director Aust is an excellent choice to chair this committee,” he said. “She puts her heart and soul into her work and the entire state of Illinois will benefit from her knowledge and expertise in the field. The 16th Circuit is proud of her and will be here to support her throughout the year.”

The PAB was created by the Supreme Court to advise on matters relating to the increasingly complex and changing fields of pretrial supervision, probation, and juvenile detention. The PAB meets monthly to discuss issues from the Supreme Court, from the Administrative Office of Illinois Courts, or self-initiated by the board, with the goal of updating and aligning probation/detention standards with current law and evidence-based practices.

As the chair of the PAB, Aust is responsible for setting the monthly agendas and communications between the committee and the Supreme Court and AOIC.

“Illinois is a lot different than other states; our probation departments are run under the authority of the local courts,” Aust said. “I’m appointed by the Chief Judge of the 16th Judicial Circuit. Other states run probation and parole together, usually out of the Governor’s Office. Illinois has always run them separately, with probation/detention under the judicial branch and responsive to local county government.

“Illinois has increasingly complex laws and standards that guide probation,” she added. “In fact, that’s why we call it Court Services now, because we do so much more than just probation.”

The Kane County Court Services Department is responsible for pretrial supervision services, probation, juvenile detention, and the Diagnostic Center, which conducts psychological evaluations like fitness to stand trial or sanity evaluations for court.

Kane County has a rich history in the probation field. A little known fact is that in 1908 Kane County and Peoria County were the first Illinois counties outside of Cook to establish probation departments. Kane County’s probation department pre-dates even the state’s first probation statute enacted in 1911.

SOURCE: Kane County Office of the Chief Judge news release

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