Big List of Christmas Tree Recycling Collection And Drop-Off Locations in Kane County, IL

Big List of Christmas Tree Recycling Collection And Drop-Off Locations in Kane County, IL

Just days after Christmas, you can already recycle your Christmas trees in many Kane County Communities.

One of the great resources for finding out what options are available in your neck of the woods is to check the Kane County Recycles Christmas Tree Recycling page.

Drop-off Locations ​

You can drop trees off at the following location:


  • Location: 1320 Spaulding Road, Elgin, IL, 60120
  • Contact: 847-931-2900
  • Hours: 7 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Specs: Please remove all decorations, tinsel, lights, and plastic bags used for transporting. No wreathes or garlands will be accepted. No tree stands. Can drop off thro​ugh January.
  • Cost: One tree per household can be dropped off for FREE! If you have more than one, each additional tree will be $10 per tree.​

Municipal Pick-Up Programs

If your village or city is not on the list below, please contact them directly to enquire about tree collection programs for your area.

ALGO​NQUIN – Groot will offer free curbside collection of ​trees throughout the month of January for existing residential customers. Trees must be cut in half if over 6 feet, all tinsel, and decorations must be removed. Trees cannot be bagged and be sure to uncover them if buried by snow.​ Algonquin is also recycling ​holiday lights​​Open to the public!

AURORA – Groot Industries will collect Christmas trees during the first and second full weeks of January​. Trees must be free of plastic bags, all decorations (including tinsel) and tree stands, and be placed at the curb on your normal collection day. Due to the wire used to form them, wreaths and garlands will not be collected as recycling and must be stickered as trash.


Collection: Throughout January, the Aurora Township Highway Department will collect Christmas trees from residents in unincorporated Aurora Township. Non-artificial Christmas trees must be undecorated and placed in the right-of-way with the cut ends toward the street. Wreaths will not be picked up.

Drop-off: Any Aurora Township resident may drop off their undecorated, non-artificial Christmas tree (no wreaths accepted) at our facility at 220 Butterfield Road, North Aurora, IL. The drop off times are non-holiday weekdays, 8am until 3 p.m., between Jan. 10 and Feb. 4, 2022.​ ​

BATAVIA – As part of the city of Batavia’s refuse contract, Waste Management will be picking up live Christmas trees on residents’ regular collection dates.

Residents do not have to use a sticker for Christmas tree removal on these dates only.  After these dates, residents should affix a refuse sticker to the tree and place it at the curb on their regular collection date.  All materials such as plastic bags, ornaments, lights, nails, etc. should be removed from the trees.

Live wreaths and garland should be placed in your regular refuse. Please use the following schedule:

South Side (Wilson to the south between Kirk/Randall):

  • Wednesday, Dec. 29
  • Wednesday, Jan. 5

North Side (north of Wilson to Fabyan between Kirk/Randall):

  • Thursday, Dec. 30
  • Thursday, Jan. 6 ​

Far West Side (Randall west to City limits):

  • Fri​day, Dec. 31
  • Friday, Jan.  7

CAMPTON TOWNSHIP​ – Each LRS residential customer will receive two days of free Christmas tree collection.

Both dates are based on the normal collection day for that residence, as follows:

  • Monday – Jan. 3 and Jan. 10,
  • Tuesday – Jan.  4 and Jan. 11
  • Wednesday – Jan. 5 and Jan. 12
  • Thursday – Jan. 6 and Jan. 13
  • Friday – Jan. 7 and Jan. 14.

Christmas trees must be free of all decorations, may not be in a plastic bag, and must be cut in half if taller than 7 feet.  LRS​ will recycle and compost Christmas trees collected during this two-week period.  A Service Sticker will be required for Christmas trees set out after the second day of collection for that residence.​

CARPENTERSVILLE ​- Christmas trees are collected free of charge from Dec. 26 through Jan. 31. After that date,​ they can be disposed of as a bulk item, with a garbage sticker attached.

DUNDEE TOWNSHIP – Dundee Township Highway Commission recycles trees. Bring your tree (all decorations removed) to the Township Garage at 1900 Sleepy Hollow Road (at IL Route 72), Dec. 26 through Jan. 15. The trees can be dropped off anytime. There are signs showing where to drop them off.  Dundee Township does not pick up any trees and the trees must be free of all decorations. Call Highway Commissioner David Schulz at 847-426-0898 for more information.  ​

EAST DUNDEE – Holiday greenery must have all tinsel, ornaments, lights and nails removed before being placed out at the curb for pick-up and cannot be placed in plastic bags. Holiday greenery collection and pick up is FREE of charge to village residents with curbside pickup on their regular trash day during the first two full weeks in January.

ELBURN – Trees will be picked up curbside by Waste Management during the first two full weeks in January. No plastic bags, no tinsel, no lights, and no decorations.

ELGIN – Christmas tree collection begins December 27: Trees are collected on your regular trash pickup day. This service is free to Elgin residents Monday, Dec. 27 through Friday, Jan. 14, after which one garbage sticker is required.

  • All decorations, stands, tinsel must be removed.
  • Do NOT place trees in plastic bags.
  • Must be free of snow/ice for curbside disposal.
  • Must be placed on parkway (the area generally located between the street and sidewalk).


Christmas Tree Disposal

Trees will be picked up for free on residents’ regular garbage collection day (Jan. 6-7 and Jan. 13-14) by Lakeshore Recycling Systems, the city’s waste hauler. People must place trees at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on their scheduled day.  NO REFUSE STICKER REQUIRED​ during this timeframe.

Ornaments, hooks, nails, tinsel, garland, tree stands and other hard materials should be removed from the trees prior to disposal. Trees placed in bags will not be collected. All wreaths and roping must be discarded with the regular trash.

For more information, call 630-232-1501 or visit  ​

GILBERTS – The village of Gilberts’ Waste Hauler (MDC) shall pickup discarded Christmas trees place on the curbside on the resident’s normal pickup day after the holidays until Jan. 31. If trees are over 6 feet tall, they must be cut into two pieces.​

HUNTLEY – Waste Management Tree  Program is available during the month of January for all residential units in Sun City (the trees do not need to be free of decorations as they will go to the landfill). There is no additional cost for this service.  

​The Huntley Park District Recycling Program also invites residents to bring their tree to Sun Valley Farm at Betsey Warrington Park, free of tinsel and decorations by January 31st.  These trees will be used as mulch in the parks. There is no cost for this service and is available to residents within Huntley village limits. Detailed information may be found at or by calling 847-669-3180, Ext. 330.

MAPLE PARK – Residents may set out one Christmas tree per home or unit to be collected on the designated collection day during the first two weeks of January of each year. Trees must be clean (no ornaments, lights, tinsel), unbagged and under 6 feet in length (or cut into two pieces, each under 6 feet in length)​. 

MILL CREEK – Advanced Disposal shall pickup discarded Christmas trees free of charge for the first two full weeks of January. Trees should be placed on the curb free of all lights, garland, tinsel and decorations in order to be composted.​

MONTGOMERY – LRS Recycling will collect live Christmas trees for disposal on all regular collection days throughout the month of January. Trees must be free of plastic bags, all decorations (including tinsel) and tree stands, and be placed at the curb by 6 a.m. on your normal collection day. No stickers are required.​

NAPERVILLE – The city of Naperville will offer a holiday tree recycling collection program during the first two weeks of January. Live holiday trees will be collected on each resident’s normal garbage collection day during these weeks. Trees must be free of all ornaments, tinsel, lights, stands and plastic or bagging material.

NORTH AURORA – ​Christmas trees will be collected through January at no charge to residents.  During this free period the Christmas trees must be free of all decorations and cannot be in plastic bags. Christmas trees over 6 feet tall need to be cut in half. After the free collection period has expired, Christmas trees will require one trash sticker visibly affixed in order to be collected.​​

PINGREE GROVE – From the Flood Brothers website: All holiday greenery, including Christmas trees, decorative holiday wreaths and boughs, must have tinsel, ornaments and lights removed from them before being placed at the curb for pickup. Holiday greenery collection and pickup is FREE OF CHARGE the first three weeks of J​anuary. Collection of holiday greenery after the third week of January will be billed as a bulk item pick up on your next invoice.

SLEEPY HOLLOW – The Village of Sleepy Hollow’s waste hauler (Groot) will pick up live Christmas trees (all decorations removed) left at the normal garbage pick up area through Jan. 25. Questions regarding pick up should be made directly to Groot at 847-429-7370.​  ​​

SOUTH ELGIN – Groot will pick up Christmas trees on regularly scheduled pick up days during the first three full weeks of January. All decorations should be removed before placing the tree at curbside. 

ST. CHARLES – Christmas trees will be picked up the weeks of Jan. 3 and Jan. 10, 2022​​, on BOTH sides of the river on the regularly scheduled refuse day. Trees collected during this two-week time period do not require a refuse sticker.

After the two-week period, a sticker will be required for pick up. Trees cannot be bagged and must have all ornaments, tinsel, lights and decorations removed from them. Wreaths and garlands will not be picked up and cannot be accepted due to the wire in them. For questions, please contact Public Works at 630-377-4405.

ST. CHARLES TOWNSHIP (UNINCORPORATED ST. CHARLES)– Call 630-584-3496 for collection: The Road District will pick up discarded Christmas trees again this year for unincorporated St. Charles Township. The township will not pick up trees with lights, garland, ornaments etc. on them. When you put your tree out, please give a us call to put your address on the list for pickup.

SUGAR GROVE – Christmas trees will be picked up by Waste Management through the last refuse pick up in January. Must be free of all decorations (including tinsel). Flocked Trees are not accepted. Trees cannot be in plastic bags. If larger than 6 feet, the trees must be cut into pieces no longer than 6 feet.

WEST DUNDEE – Free curbside Christmas tree collections are available along with regular refuse collection during the first two full weeks in January (Jan. 7, 2022, and Jan. 14, 2022), for residential properties with no more than three units.

Trees must be stripped of all decorations and placed at the curb with the cut en​d facing the street.  Trees do not have to be cut up, bundled or placed in yard waste bags.

Trees/greenery in plastic bags, wrapped in plastic or covered with artificial snow cannot be accepted. Garlands and wreaths must be disassembled, and the organic portion placed in a yard waste bag. 

If you live in a building with more than three units, contact your building owner or refuse hauler regarding the disposal of your tree, or recycle it with Dundee Township (see above). ​

How To Prepare Your Tree for Pick-up

Instructions differ by town, but here are four common tips given by all of the cities and villages:


    It is very important to remove all decorations, especially tinsel, before placing it out at the curb for collection or before dropping it off.

  2. Do not place the tree into plastic bags, just place them out there plain as the day you bought them. This is because they are collected separately and mulched rather than landfilled, and we don’t want the plastic and tinsel in the mulch.
  3. If the tree is a big one, please cut the trunk into pieces smaller than 6 feet in length.
  4. If it becomes covered with snow please brush it off so that it is visible to assure that it will be collected.