Volunteers Clean Up Historic Norton Mausoleum in Wasco

Volunteers Clean Up Historic Norton Mausoleum in Wasco

Volunteers from the village of Campton Hills are being applauded for going a little above and beyond the call of duty to clean up and repair the historic Norton family mausoleum, located on the north side of IL Route 64 at the far east end of the village.

The four volunteers — Campton Hills Village President Mike Tyrrell, Village Trustee Wendy K. White Eagle, Kane County Board member Barbara Wojnicki, and Wasco Sanitary District President Thomas Bihun — took on the project of renovating the mausoleum, which has served as the burial destination for 11 members of the locally known Norton family since 1912.

“It was falling into disrepair, but with respect to the deceased, we felt it was important to restore it,” Wojnicki said.

Wojnicki said the volunteers reached out to the mausoleum property owner, Gary Norton Bullinger, who was very gracious and accepting of the efforts to renovate the prominent landmark.

The project consisted of cleaning up the exterior area, white-washing, and re-painting the stone. The volunteer team applied a coat of Drylok masonry paint to seal the structure against moisture, cut out bushes, patched holes in cement and plan to return to knock down and remove some trees.

Bihun said he plans on continuing to lead the effort to maintain the mausoleum for years to come, with the cooperation and consent of the family.

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The Norton Mausoleum after its recent restoration.

SOURCE village of Campton Hills Community Counts e-newsletter, village website