Village of Montgomery Hosts Nov. 3 Community Water Source Open House

Village of Montgomery Hosts Nov. 3 Community Water Source Open House

“The region is facing a long-term water source sustainability issue. The deep sandstone aquifer that the Village primarily depends on is being used beyond sustainable capacity, and water levels are declining.”
– Pete Wallers, Village Engineer

Join village of Montgomery officials and staff for a Nov. 3 open house educational opportunity to learn about the future of Montgomery’s drinking water.

The open house takes place from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 3, at Village Hall, 200 N. River. St.

The Illinois Office of Water Resources predicts wells in the Montgomery area will be at risk of inoperability by 2050. While deep well water levels are declining, areas immediately adjacent to the village are facing a more immediate crisis as they have wells that could be inoperable sooner.

Therefore, even though the village is not at immediate risk and the need for alternative water sourcing is in the village’s future, village officials are pressing forward to determine the best alternative for future water supply and sustainability.

Find out more about alternative water source options available to the village of Montgomery at

The Future of Montgomery’s Drinking Water Source

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Montgomery’s Public Works and Water Utility Billing teams have been working hard to increase accuracy further and reduce water waste.

Water waste or water loss is often due to aging infrastructure or pipes, system leaks, or household plumbing issues. The village has aggressively worked toward smart meter installation and is currently 30% complete (as of fall 2021) with total replacement within the village.

Beginning in 2022, the village of Montgomery will move to a monthly water billing cycle as well. Smart meters and monthly water billing will allow the village to better track consumption and give homeowners greater insight into their water use. In addition, the water billing process is often how residents become aware of household water leaks or aging pipe issues.

Analysis and Decision-Making Process

Village officials are doing this analysis and selection now because current options will not be available in the future.

The Village Board is committed to the long-range and strategic development of alternative water sources.

The village started reviewing options in 2015. As a result, there are six viable water options available. In the coming months, staff will be refining cost estimates and analysis for all alternative options.

The Village Board is working toward having a decision and plan of action in place near the end of 2021.

Source Options

By the end of 2021, the goal is to have a water source alternative action plan in place, completing this year’s goals and objectives for the Montgomery Alternative Water Source Project.

Supply options for review include Lake Michigan and the Fox River. There are various pros and cons to each water source and different ways or networks in which the Village can tap into those two water supply options.

Lake Michigan as a supply option may be sourced from:

Fox River supply options include:

  • A partnership with the City of Aurora
  • A sub-region joint endeavor with Oswego & Yorkville (aptly named Water Link)
  • Independently sourcing our water through the Village of Montgomery.

At the Oct. 11, 2021, board meeting, Engineering Enteriprises, Inc. presented alternative water source options for consideration by the Village Board. View the presentation slides here.

For residents wishing to learn more about the project, we encourage you to stay updated on the Village website and social media as we will be sharing more throughout this decision-making process. The goal is for transparency, allowing for education and resident feedback throughout the subsequent phases of this process.

SOURCE: village of Montgomery news release