Kane County Sheriff: 'I Will Not Send My Personnel to Chicago'

Kane County Sheriff: ‘I Will Not Send My Personnel to Chicago’

Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain issued a statement Tuesday (Oct. 20, 2021) saying categorically he will not send Kane County personnel to Chicago in the event of a shortage of police officers.

Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain

Hain said Chicago politics is dividing the community.

“I believe the polarization between the community and police is only reinforced by current Chicago politics,” he said. “I will not send my personnel to Chicago, unless an officer is under direct duress, because I cannot support this slanted agenda.”

“I also will not allow my deputies to be subjected to use force in the city and be under the prosecutorial jurisdiction of the Cook County state’s attorney.”

Hain said the Chicago Police Department has “a dedicated force of professional humans who deserve all of the support the nation can offer.”

He also offered a recommendation on how to address some of the issues facing the department.

“The solution is simple: Allow Chicago police to be the police, support their human resources, and operate treatment and vocational support programs led by people in uniform,” he said. “This is how Chicago can halt crime and build bridges with the community like we’ve done here in Kane.”

Hain’s statement comes in the wake of Illinois State Police and Illinois Emergency Management Agency planning that calls for support from suburban police departments and sheriff’s offices if a shortage of city police officers leads to dangerous situations.

The Chicago police union and city officials are wrestling over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. As of Monday, data shows 64% of CPD employees submitted their vaccination status by Friday’s deadline.

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