Sept. 23 Geneva Chamber Challenge Raises Money For Non-Profits

Sept. 23 Geneva Chamber Challenge Raises Money For Non-Profits

Geneva Chamber has more than 30 non-profits among its members. And in turn, those non-profits give back to many organizations, including scholarships for graduating seniors.

COVID-19 has made it particularly difficult for them to hold fundraising events, which a large part of money is raised.

On Sept. 23 visit and join the Geneva Chamber Challenge. Registered non-profit members are listed with their mission statements, who they are, what they represent and support, and the public has the option to choose which ones they would like to patronize with their dollars.

“This is the second year for the Geneva Chamber Challenge,” said Geneva Chamber of Commerce President Paula Schmidt. “It is a 24-hour online campaign designed to raise money and bring awareness to our non-profit members. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, many of these causes have suffered financially and were not able to raise the funds needed for their cause.

“We ‘challenge’ our community to donate to our non-profits, even a little can mean a lot.”

Donate a certain amount or donate at a certain time and you may win a gift basket with items donated by our members.  Opportunities to win gift baskets will be announced throughout the day via Geneva Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook account.

Please join the Geneva Chamber for this very important initiative and GIVE BACK on Sept. 23.

Geneva Chamber Challenge is supported by Woofbeach Palms, Hogan Design & Construction, Waubonsee Community College, BeLocal Tri Cities, Crystal Life Technology, Inc., Villa Verone Ristorante Italiano and Great Western Flooring.

SOURCE: Geneva Chamber of Commerce news release