Recycling Tips: How To Dispose of Electronic Media -- Discs, Tapes, Cassettes, LP's ...

Recycling Tips: How To Dispose of Electronic Media — Discs, Tapes, Cassettes, LP’s …

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Are you cleaning out the old movies and music modalities? I get a lot of calls about what to do with old VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, LPs, and cassette tapes (and their cases).

Oh, and floppy discs!

Here’s some news you can use on how to recycle these items.


Reuse is the best thing, but not a lot of people actually use these anymore.

Times, they are a changing – VHS tapes and CDs are going the way of reel-to-reel and 8-tracks.

Nevertheless, here are a few things you can try:

  • Put them up on or Craig’s list and see if anyone out there wants them.
  • Try Goodwill if you have pre-recorded Disney movies or other originals; they sometimes accept them.
  • Local non-profit SCARCE will take the pre-recorded VHS tapes, too. See the list of everything that SCARCE can accept HERE.

No recycling agency or nonprofit organization is likely to take home-taped video cassettes. Try garage sales or church sales, libraries, or shelters. Make art projects out of them. What other creative reuse ideas do you have?


Unfortunately, I do not know of anywhere you can recycle electronic media locally.

They are a hybrid of materials with next to no value on the market, so nobody is collecting them or disassembling them or recycling them.

TerraCycle does have a zero waste mail in box (or pouch) that you can purchase for electronic media if you are highly committed to recycling.

Check out the options HERE. Please note that TerraCycle works with the plastic lumber industry to create decking and other products that are mostly destined for one reuse before ultimate landfilling, in a process that is more down-cycling than it is re-cycling. But still, one reuse is better than none.

Let Them Go

But otherwise, sadly, they just go in the trash at this time.

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