Make a Difference! Become An Emergency Management Volunteer

Make a Difference! Become An Emergency Management Volunteer

Have you ever seen a bad accident, large fire, or other incident and wondered how you could help?

Do you want to be trained to help your community in the event of a major tornado, flood, or other large disaster?

Have you ever had a desire to help your neighbor or give back to the community?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider applying for the Kane County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management volunteer program.

OEM’s next new member academy will be starting the first week of October. For more than 30 years, Kane County OEM has maintained a large, diverse, and highly trained group of dedicated volunteers who assist in all types of emergency and disaster situations.

“Now, it is your chance to volunteer and make a difference!” said Sean Madison, director of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management.

While the core mission of the Kane County OEM volunteers is to be trained and ready to assist in a large scale disaster (such as a tornado, major flood, and even responding to a pandemic), the scope of the volunteer responsibilities goes far beyond these major and relatively rare events.

In order to stay proficient with their skills when there is not a disaster impacting Kane County, OEM volunteers can be called out 24/7 to support police and fire departments at large incidents. Volunteer responsibilities include traffic control, scene lighting and security at accidents, fires, and other incidents, search and rescue operations, weather spotting, and auxiliary communications.

Members also help with public education, disaster preparedness, and maintaining response equipment.

The background and experience of OEM volunteers are as diverse as the population of Kane County itself.

“Volunteer backgrounds include business owners, retail workers, government employees, vehicle mechanics, information technology professionals, higher education staff, and even professional mascots, to name just a few,” Madison said. “We also have many members that are retired and looking to give back to the community.”

Requirements to become a volunteer:

  • Be a minimum of 21 years of age.
  • Live inside of or within five miles of the Kane County border.
  • Be willing to learn and participate in trainings.
  • Be willing to work at pre-planned public events (details) in support of local community activities.
  • Be willing, when available, to respond to emergency calls for assistance when needed.

If you’re interested in joining the Kane County Sheriff’s OEM as a volunteer, you can submit an application or learn more on the OEM website at

If you have questions or would like more information, email the Kane County OEM Emergency Operations Center at

SOURCE: Kane County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management news release