COVID-19 UPDATE: Most Schools Don't Meet Vax Requirements; 2 Kane Deaths, 9,152 Illinois Cases Over Weekend

COVID-19 UPDATE: Most Schools Don’t Meet Vax Requirements; 2 Kane Deaths, 9,152 Illinois Cases Over Weekend



OVERVIEW: Unvaccinated 10 Times More Likely To Die From COVID; Most Schools Not Keeping Up With Fed Vax Requirements; Report Says COVID Vax Boosters Not Needed Yet

A new CDC study shows that people who were fully vaccinated had more than 10 times lower risk of being hospitalized or dying with COVID-19 compared with people who were not fully vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines offer strong protection against serious illness and death even with the Delta variant. The best way to protect yourself and those around you is to get vaccinated. More:

The vast majority of U.S. schools are following federal face-coving requirements but most are not meeting guidelines for teacher and staff vaccinations or doing regular tests for unvaccinated staff, according to a report in the New York Times. Out of 100 large districts, including the biggest urban districts in every state, nine in 10 are requiring students to wear masks, according to the Center on Reinventing Public Education at the University of Washington. Just one-quarter are requiring teachers to be vaccinated.

The British government has announced that young people age 12 to 15 in England will now be offered the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine following advice from the UK Chief Medical Officers on Monday, Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed in a statement.

An expert review of scientific evidence to date has concluded that COVID-19 vaccine booster shots are not needed at this time for the general public, a group of leading U.S. and international scientists said Monday in the peer-reviewed journal The Lancet.

KANE COUNTY: 270 New Cases, 2 Deaths Over The Weekend

Kane County recorded 270 new cases and two additional deaths over the weekend, according to data posted today by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The totals to date are 64,894 positive cases and 837 deaths related to COVID-19 in Kane County since the pandemic began.

Kane County’s seven-day test positivity rate dropped to 4.5% since the data posted Friday by the IDPH.

About 54.43% of Kane County residents are fully vaccinated, according to IDPH data.

STATE OF ILLINOIS: 9,152 New Cases, 106 Deaths Over Weekend

The state of Illinois recorded 9,152 new cases and 106 deaths over the weekend.

According to the IDPH, the state has seen 1,573,537 positive cases and 24,367 deaths since the pandemic began.

Kane-DuPage Region 8 is showing a decline in ICU bed availability — down to 24%. That is still above the state threshold of 20%.

About 53.88% of Illinoisans are fully vaccinated.

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