Kane County Medical Society: Get Vaccinated, Wear Masks In Public To Stop COVID-19 Spread

Kane County Medical Society: Get Vaccinated, Wear Masks In Public To Stop COVID-19 Spread

The Kane County Medical Society, in an open letter to the community, encourages Kane County residents to vaccinate against COVID-19 and to wear masks in public to stop the spread of the disease.

The letter acknowledges that, over the past month, Kane County has experienced an increase in COVID-19 positive cases and hospitalizations, elevating the community level of transmission to “high,” according to the Kane County Health Department, Illinois Department of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“As a community, this alarming rate of transmission is a warning to the citizens of Kane County that we must do more,” the open letter says. “We must rally together to stop further illness and death from COVID-19 in our county.”

The society calls on residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We know that getting vaccinated is the most important action we can take to end the pandemic,” the letter states. “COVID-19 vaccines save lives, prevent illness and reduce the spread of COVID-19. If you are 12 years or older, please get vaccinated to protect yourself and to slow the spread of COVID-19. If you have concerns about the vaccines, please discuss them with your primary care provider.”

The Kane County Medical Society also stresses the importance of taking precautions:

“At this time, thousands of Kane County citizens are too young to be vaccinated and only about 50% of the total population of Kane County is fully vaccinated. Until we achieve herd immunity by vaccinating a much greater percentage of our community, we can protect the vulnerable unvaccinated by wearing a mask, avoiding crowds and staying home when sick.”

The letter concludes, “Kane County is a wonderful place to live, in large part due to the strong sense of community togetherness. Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated are the best ways to show support for your community right now. The physicians of Kane County encourage you to strengthen our community and keep everyone healthy and safe.”

Founded in 1847, the Kane County Medical Society is a professional organization that represents and unifies physicians as they practice the science and art of medicine. The society represents the interests of member physicians, advocates for patients and promotes the doctor/patient relationship, the ethical practice of medicine, and the betterment of the public health. For more information about KCMS, visit KCMSdocs.org.

The entire letter is available to read on the Kane County Health Department website. For additional information and current updates about COVID-19, visit the KCHD website at KaneHealth.com or call the Health Department at 630-208-3801.

SOURCE: Kane County Health Department news release