Special Needs Mom Urges Kane County Residents to Get Their Loved Ones Vaccinated

Special Needs Mom Urges Kane County Residents to Get Their Loved Ones Vaccinated

  • Editor’s Note: This article was written by Brenda Buschbacher of the Kane County Information Technologies Department and submitted by the office of Kane County Board Chair Corinne Pierog. 

St. Charles resident and special needs mom Colette Ansley-Treonis cried tears of joy the day her 39-year-old son, Josh, who has Asperger syndrome, received his Janssen COVID vaccine.

Photo courtesy of Colette Ansley-Treonis.

“I wanted to get the Janssen vaccine because Josh has a low patience level, and I just wanted to be able to get one shot and have it done with,” Ansley-Treonis said.

Josh, a St. Charles East High School graduate, was able to get his vaccine on July 2 at the St. Charles Farmer’s Market. The event was one of a series of community COVID-19 vaccination clinics provided by the Kane County Health Department, Kane County Office of Emergency Management and the mobile Illinois National Guard.

While Ansley-Treonis applauded the ease and speed of the vaccination clinic, she said the process of getting her special needs son ready that morning took some advance planning.

“I had to go pick him up, then I had to cut his hair and his beard, then he had to take a bath and then he had to get on clean clothes to go to the Farmer’s Market,” she said.

Photo by Brenda Buschbacher

Kane County Health Department officials said they will continue to provide community COVID vaccination clinics to ensure that all residents like Josh have access to the vaccines.

“The Kane County Health Department is prepared to visit community sites to support all needs of individuals,” said Director of Disease Prevention Laura Barrett. “If anyone has a specific concern about themselves or a family member seeking a vaccine, we encourage them to let the clinic greeters know and we will adjust to meet their needs. The vaccine is our best shot to end this pandemic.”

Ansley-Treonis says it’s a race to beat the clock and that parents need to get their children vaccinated as soon as possible, especially with the new Delta variant now accounting for more than half of all U.S. cases.

“Get out and get the vaccine,” she said. “You don’t know when or where you’re going to come in contact with this virus and it just protects your life.”

For additional information about upcoming community COVID vaccination clinics and current updates about COVID-19, visit the KCHD website at www.KaneHealth.com or call 630-208-3801.

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