COVID-19 UPDATE: CDC Recommends Masks For Public Indoor Spaces; 'Wow' Jump in Kane Test Positivity; State Reports 1,669 New Cases

COVID-19 UPDATE: CDC Recommends Masks For Public Indoor Spaces; ‘Wow’ Jump in Kane Test Positivity; State Reports 1,669 New Cases



OVERVIEW: CDC Recommends Masks For Indoor Public Spaces, Schools; Justice Department Says Businesses Can Mandate Vaccination

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended on Tuesday that people vaccinated against the coronavirus resume wearing masks in schools and in public indoor spaces in parts of the country where the virus is surging, marking a sharp turnabout from their advice just two months ago, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.

The CDC is also now recommending universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students and visitors inside schools from kindergarten to 12th grade, regardless of vaccination status, aligning closely with the American Academy of Pediatrics, which recommended this month that anyone over the age of 2 be required to wear a mask in school, USA Today reports.

Lawyers with the Justice Department determined that federal law does not prohibit public agencies and private businesses from mandating COVID-19 vaccines under emergency use authorization according to an opinion posted by the DOJ on Monday, FOX News reported.

KANE COUNTY: 37 New Cases, 0 Deaths Tuesday; But ‘Wow’ Jump in Test Positivity

More proof of the contagiousness of the Delta variant comes in the form of today’s huge jump in Kane County’s seven-day test positivity rate.

In one day, Kane’s seven-day average went from 3.0% to 3.6%.

Part of the reason for that jump is a single day total of 51 new cases on July 24, but it’s also attributable to the lower numbers of people being tested on a daily basis. On July 24, there 965 total Kane County tests.

Kane County recorded 37 new cases and no additional deaths today, bringing the totals to 60,062 positive cases and 816 COVID-related deaths since the pandemic began.

The daily numbers of hospitalizations in Kane-DuPage Region 8 continues to go up, but the hospital utilization is staying at around 27% — perhaps an indicator that hospital beds are opening up or that capacity is expanding to fit the need.

Kane County continues to inch closer to the 50% mark in full-vaccinated population. The percentage was at 49.92 today. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, there are 264,552 fully-vaccinated persons in Kane County, IL.

STATE OF ILLINOIS: 1,669 New Cases, 5 Deaths Tuesday; Test Positivity Keeps Rising

The “Region 8 Details” chart above provides a pretty good impression of the rapid rate of test positivity rates in the Kane-DuPage area. The seven-day average went from 2.1% on July 16 to 3.7% on July 24, rising steadily every day.

Illinois recorded 1,669 new cases and five deaths today. The totals to date are 1,413,490 positive cases and 23,414 deaths.

There are 6,429,063 fully-vaccinated Illinoisans out of a population of 12,741,080. That means 50.46% of the population is fully vaccinated.

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