VIDEO/PHOTO STORY: Forest Preserve District Making 'Wow' Changes to Settler's Hill Golf Course

VIDEO/PHOTO STORY: Forest Preserve District Making ‘Wow’ Changes to Settler’s Hill Golf Course

You don’t have to be a golfer to appreciate the upgrades taking place at Settler’s Hill this summer.

Check out the video embedded above and photos for a bird’s-eye view of the improvements and the scope of the work.

Officials say the new clubhouse will be built in the area where the white trailer is parked in this screenshot from the video.

Keep in mind that the golf course project is just one of the big changes at Settler’s Hill, which includes the state-of-the art cross country course that will host some major events this fall.

During a presentation at last week’s Forest Preserve District meeting, Chief of Planning & Operations Ken Anderson said the new golf course design will include a change of configuration of a number of the holes, a new clubhouse located in the area where the first green had been, a driving range and a youth golf facility.

The Settler’s Hill Golf Course is closed this year, but is scheduled to reopen in July 2022 — and when it does, it will be among the area’s best tracks.

“I’m not a golfer, but I was surprised and delighted by what we saw today in the presentation,” Kane County Board member Drew Frasz said. “I thought the project was going to be tweaking. This is more than a tweaking.”

Among the improvements will be cart paths on every hole, a new irrigation system and new draining system.

The holes will be configured so that each nine returns to the clubhouse area, making it easier for golfers to access to concessions access and allowing the Forest Preserve District to charge a nine-hole fee as well as an 18-hole fee.

Golf course architect Greg Martin is designing the course. According to, project engineers have completed the shaping and drainage of the Youth Links – a four-hole golf course with holes ranging from 50 to 110 yards and providing a large central area that offers shots to multiple greens for instruction, completed the shaping of the new practice range consisting of a large 36,000-square-foot grass tee, an all-weather tee and multiple targets, installed the wet well for the new irrigation system and completed clearing to accommodate improvements on various holes.

“I am thrilled with the progress and the improvements,” Martin says on his website. “This landscape is so dynamic, tailoring the feature development to the scale of the property is vital.  I am excited to see how these improvements are fitting together.”

Forest Preserve District officials are planning to seed in August. Anderson said the work is on schedule for the opening in July 2022.

Watch The June 8 Forest Preserve Commission Meeting on YouTube

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