COVID-19 KANE COUNTY: Health Department Emphasizes County's Progress Against Pandemic, Announces More Mobile Clinics

COVID-19 KANE COUNTY: Health Department Emphasizes County’s Progress Against Pandemic, Announces More Mobile Clinics



Kane Health Officials Emphasize Progress Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Kane County health officials didn’t exactly claim victory over the coronavirus at today’s Public Health Committee meeting, but they did share a lot of good news about the status of the pandemic here at home.

Michael Isaacson

In his report to the committee, Kane County Health Department Assistant Director of Community Health Michael Isaacson showed graphics from the Illinois Department of Public Health website that show some of the progress that has been made.

Screenshots of that report are above.

As you can see, the seven-day test positivity rate for Kane DuPage Region 8 has fallen dramatically since April and is now down to 1.4%. We have gone 146 days under the state’s 8% threshold.

Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 are also way down.

Isaacson noted that the county is nearing the half-million mark in total vaccinations and that 235,927 Kane County residents are fully vaccinated, accounting for 44.16% of the population.

Today, Kane County health officials announce a series of new mobile clinics.

The mass vaccination site in Aurora is closed, effective immediately. Click this link to read more.

10 New Cases, Zero Deaths Wednesday in Kane County

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health website, Kane County today recorded just 10 new COVID-19 cases and no additional deaths.

The totals to date are 59,404 positive cases and 804 COVID-19-related deaths of Kane County residents.

Kane County’s seven-day test positivity rate did tick up to 1.9%. Some health officials nationally and statewide have expressed concern about the new Delta variant, which now accounts for about 10% of new cases in Illinois. The variant is said to be more contagious and person more deadly than other incarnations of the virus.

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