Elgin Launches Sustainability Grant Program

Elgin Launches Sustainability Grant Program

The city of Elgin Sustainability Commission has launched the Sustainable Elgin Community Grant Program ⏤ an initiative to provide individuals and groups reimbursement grants on projects that work to achieve a more sustainable community and involve community engagement and/or education.

Awardees will receive up to $1,500 for their projects, and applications will be accepted through Oct. 31, 2021.

“We hope this program will help to spark action in the community to reduce our carbon footprint and educate our community on healthy, sustainable lifestyles and practices,” said ESC Chair Tom Armstrong.

Any group of individuals located within the Elgin corporate limits is eligible to apply. “Group” can refer to a non-profit, business, club, organization, neighborhood association, or a group of individuals, provided one individual is willing to be the primary contact who is responsible for fiscal interactions and measurement of impact.

Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis this year. The ESC allocated $10,000 to the grant program for 2021. Once all funds are dispersed, new funds will not be available for the grant program until the start of the following fiscal year, pending budget approval

The ESC will review and evaluate each application. The ESC will not fund more than 50% of a proposed project. Approved projects are awarded grants in the form of a reimbursement payment. Recipients will be required to complete a project report before receiving their final grant reimbursement to highlight the impact of the project.

The grant application and more information including grant guidelines, eligibility restrictions, scoring criteria and reimbursement methods are available at cityofelgin.org/secgrant.

About the Elgin Sustainability Commission

In 2010, working groups comprised of local residents and advocacy groups assembled to recommend goals and action-oriented steps to create a more sustainable Elgin. The city of Elgin Sustainability Action Plan was adopted in 2011, and the Elgin Sustainability Commission was created to oversee implementation of the plan.

A sustainable Elgin is defined as, “Sustainability for Elgin, Illinois is a movement that complements community values to foster a cooperative spirit and reward efficient use of all resources locally, regionally and globally; accomplished by incorporating the social, economic and environmental objectives of our citizens into our policy, development and culture.”

Elgin’s sustainability movement is guided by the following principles:

  • To create a self-sustaining community.
  • To ensure that future generations can enjoy at least the same natural resources that we do.
  • To preserve, minimize and restore.
  • To accept that we are one species among many.
  • To evaluate current practices and policies to lessen our environmental footprint.

Since the adoption of the Sustainability Action Plan, numerous community-led initiatives have helped Elgin to move toward its sustainability goals, including programs and projects led by the public and private sectors and actions taking place in individual homes and businesses.

For more about the sustainability movement in Elgin, visit cityofelgin.org/sustainability.

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SOURCE: city of Elgin news release