KDOT Asphalt Rejuvenation Work Starts May 3 -- Randall, Big Timber, Plank, Huntley And Bowes on This Year's List

KDOT Asphalt Rejuvenation Work Starts May 3 — Randall, Big Timber, Plank, Huntley And Bowes on This Year’s List

Starting the week of May 3, Kane County will begin the process of applying an asphalt sealer/rejuvenator on the below listed roads as part of the county’s annual maintenance program.

“As these roads have been resurfaced within the last two years, it is important to protect the new asphalt with the pavement rejuvenator,” Kane County Division of Transportation Project Manager Matt Schumacher said in a news release.

Schumacher said pavement preservation techniques such as this are lower-cost maintenance improvements. By conducting these improvements earlier in the life cycle of the asphalt pavement, KDOT can reduce the water penetration that leads to freeze/thaw damage and prevent oxidation of the asphalt material.

The process will involve applying a rejuvenator liquid, allowing the liquid to cure, placing sand on the treated roads for traction, and then sweeping up the excess material.

Work is expected to occur from the south end of the county progressing north until all roads listed have been completed. Construction work hours will be from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday for about two to three weeks.

Roads listed on the projects map below include Randall Road, Plank Road, Big Timber Road, Huntley Road and Bowes Road.

Roads will remain open during treatment, but will be reduced to one lane of travel using flaggers and temporary daily lane closures.

Motorists should expect delays while traveling through the work areas, consider alternate routes and expect additional commute time. KDOT asks motorists to reduce their speed, watch for construction workers and vehicles entering and leaving the site and obey flaggers and traffic control devices. It is illegal to talk or text on a cell phone while driving.

Visit KDOT’s Traffic Advisories webpage for more information on road closures, detours, and active KDOT projects.

SOURCE: KDOT news release



Kane County Asphalt Rejuvenator Project
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