Kane County Health Department COVID-19 Update: County Facing 'Transitional' Time in Pandemic

Kane County Health Department COVID-19 Update: County Facing ‘Transitional’ Time in Pandemic

In a report to the Kane County Health Committee today, Kane County Health Department Assistant Director for Community Health Michael Isaacson said Kane County is entering a “transitional” time in the COVID-19 pandemic, when vaccine supply is catching up to demand and efforts must intensify if the county hopes to reach herd immunity.

In his report, Isaacson said the coronavirus is still infecting Kane County residents at a fairly high rate and hospitalizations related to the virus are continuing to rise. That said, deaths are down due to the COVID-19 vaccine, and Isaacson said he’s hoping to see a downward trend in case counts and test-positivity rates the coming days.

“As we look at this data, we’ve seen an increase in hospitalizations almost every day — for 24 of the last 30 days, we’ve seen an increase,” he said. “We have not seen an increase in deaths. We’re still losing our residents to COVID, but it’s been less than five (per week) the last several weeks.”

Isaacson said Kane County’s vaccination efforts have been “extremely successful” —  with the county averaging about 5,500 vaccinations per day.

He said more than 30,000 vaccinations already have taken place at the Kane Vax Hub on Randall Road in Batavia since it opened on March 19. The mass vaccination site in Aurora opened April 2 and one in Elgin opened April 9, and Isaacson said both have fielded a full slate of appointments.

Isaacson said 124,634 Kane County residents are fully vaccinated — more than 30% of the population age 16 and older. Data from the Illinois Department of Public Health shows 316,497 doses have been administered to Kane County residents.

“That’s a lot of shots that have been going into people’s arms,” Isaacson said.

The success of the mass vaccination programs has resulted in a turning point in the pandemic and very likely a shift in the Health Department’s efforts.

“We’re starting to get at the point now where we have more appointments available,” he said. “There’s a lot of capacity, a lot of opportunity to sign up for shots.”

Isaacson that the Health Department will continue to vigorously pursue mass vaccination, but it also will reach out to community groups, conduct targeted mobile clinics and sponsor vaccination programs for businesses, public schools and colleges and universities.

“I think we’ve just hit the point where we switched from being overwhelmed by demand to having to encourage people to go out and get the vaccine,” he said. “We have to make sure that everyone who wants a vaccination can get one.

We’re kicking our outreach into high gear now, so that people can register and make the best choices for themselves.”

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