Countdown To Earth Day: How To Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Easter

Countdown To Earth Day: How To Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Easter

  • The Kane County Board Energy And Environmental Committee, Kane County Division of Environmental and Water Resources and Kane County Connects are teaming up for a “Count Down to Earth Day” series celebrating the success stories and spotlighting the environmental challenges we face right here, right now in Kane County, IL. Today’s article is an update of a previous post, courtesy of Kane County Resource Management Coordinator Ivy Klee.

Time to prepare for Easter and enjoy the holiday while still being kind to the Earth. Particularly as we begin to enjoy the spring flowers, morning bird choir, and greenery!

Here are a few tips for keeping your Easter sustainable:

Easter Eggs


The first step is to consider the packaging that your eggs come in, recycling alone will not fix plastic pollution, so skip the styrofoam and plastic cartons.

Many brands offer responsibly produced eggs in full cardboard cartons that are recyclable and biodegradable. If you already have plastic eggs from previous years’ celebrations, instead of throwing them away, save them for re-use the following holiday season!


Try natural dye made from other foods and spices. You will avoid having to buy the boxed kit, while showing your kids the importance of reducing consumption.

This option is safer for the environment (avoiding chemical dyes poured down the drain afterward) and your family’s health (the people who eat the eggs afterward — and “sometimes” get dye on their fingers when coloring eggs!)

Here are a list of natural household ingredients that can make your favorite colors:

  • Purple: Grape Juice
  • Yellow: Boiled orange or lemon peels or turmeric
  • Blue: Blueberries or boiled red cabbage leaves
  • Green: Boiled spinach leaves
  • Pink: Cranberries, raspberries or beets
  • Red: Pomegranate juice

Find out more on how to naturally color your Easter eggs.

Easter Baskets


Just as you might do for other holidays, go for experiences over items — things like admission to a local park, zoo, a virtual cooking class or a coupon for cleaning the dirty dishes

If you give toys, be conscious about what they are made from and how they are packaged. Avoid  buying seasonal nik-naks that will be discarded the week after. Opt for things that will be used for a long time or re-use meaningful from gifts year to year. 

For adults, gift a potted plant or seeds that they can enjoy all year long and help bring nature into their home.


Steer clear of the plastic grass.

Paper grass looks just as beautiful while having the added benefit of being biodegradable. You can easily make this yourself to save a few dollars while you are at it! Reusing filler from any packages you’ve received in the mail recently is a great idea, too!


Again, try avoiding plastic baskets, opting for wooden or wicker that you can still reuse year after year.

Thrift stores are full of baskets, too! The eco-friendly option is also the cheapest option here.

Easter Egg Hunt

Switch up the traditional Easter egg hunt for something more sustainable!

Send your kids on a scavenger hunt to find items in your back yard that make up the ecosystem. Collect leaves, acorns, spot a bird or bug on a tree, make the most of the outdoors! 

Happy Easter from Sustain Kane! We hope you have a wonderful, eco-friendly holiday!

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