Countdown to Earth Day: Recycle Your TVs, Computers, Electronics, Clothes, And Books!

Countdown to Earth Day: Recycle Your TVs, Computers, Electronics, Clothes, And Books!

  • The Kane County Board Energy And Environmental Committee, Kane County Division of Environmental and Water Resources and Kane County Connects are teaming up for a “Count Down to Earth Day” series celebrating the success stories and spotlighting the environmental challenges we face right here, right now in Kane County, IL. Today’s article is an invitation from Kane County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland to celebrate Earth Day by recycling right.

One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day 2021 is to get your recycling game face on.

And one of the best ways to participate in Kane County’s first recycling event of the year, scheduled for Saturday, April 10.

At this event, you can recycle a lot of those items that have been filling your house during the winter of the pandemic: electronics, books, clothing, shoes and accessories.

The event runs from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 10, 2021, at the Kane County Branch Court office at 540 S. Randall Road in St. Charles. That is just north of IL Route 38 and south of IL Route 64 across from the Kane County Fairgrounds.

“Wait time is likely to be less than 5 minutes for this event,” Kane County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland said.There is no need to arrive early!”

This event is for electronics, clothes, and books only. It will NOT include document shredding or paint. Look online for the full schedule of 2021 events.

Mostly Free!

Books, clothing, shoes and textiles are free to drop off. Electronics collection will include free recycling of computers, laptops, stereos, DVD players, printers, keyboards, mice, phones, electronic games, holiday light strings, and more, all of which can be recycled at no charge.

TVs (of any size, and any age) and computer monitors are also accepted, but they do have a cost.

Cost for TVs and Monitors

The cost for recycling television sets and computer monitors is $25 for screens under 21 inches, measured diagonally, and $35 for screens 21 inches or more. You can pay onsite with cash or card or pay in advance online and bring a printed receipt with you.

Electronics are collected and recycled by eWorks Electronics Services, a non-profit whose mission is to employ individuals with developmental disabilities to sort and disassemble the electronic equipment. Your payment for TVs and monitors goes directly to them and helps fund that work.

Clothing, shoes, and accessories are collected by eWorks and then passed through to another non-profit called RewearAble, which has the same mission. Clothing is free to drop off. RewearAble takes worn and torn textiles, too. Please place clean textiles in plastic bags for drop-off.

Books of any age or condition, and both hardcover and paperback, are free to drop off. They are sorted and redistributed by employees of Pacesetter Books, who assess books for reusability and recycle those that cannot be redistributed.

You CAN bring documents that have already been shredded at home, in a paper bag, to the book recycling area at the events, where they will be sent for recycling at a local paper mill, along with the old worn, torn, beyond-use books.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols ​

  • ​Please wear your mask.
  • Materials ​must be in the hatchback area or trunk of the vehicle. 
  • Residents will remain in the vehicle; site staff will unload for you. 
  • Read the Safety Rules for Residents/Attendees and follow them please. ​

April 10 Kane County Recycling Event

2021 Recycling Events Schedule

  • April 10 — Electronics, Clothes, Books
  • April 24 — Document Shredding Event
  • May 8 — Electronics, Clothes, Books & Paint
  • June 5 — Special Hazardous Waste Event (@ 309 N River St., Aurora)
  • June 26 — Document Shredding Event
  • July 10 — Extravaganza: Electronics, Clothes, Books, Paint, Bikes, Scrap Metal, F​oam, and more (NO SHREDDING at this July ​event)
  • Sept. 11 — Electronics, Clothes, Books, Paint
  • Oct. 23 — Document Shredding Event
  • Nov. 6 — Pumpkin Composting (@ ​Pushing the Envelope Farm, 1700 Averill Road, Geneva)


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