$605,300 in Rebuild Illinois Capital Funding Awarded to the City of St. Charles to Address Stormwater Runoff

$605,300 in Rebuild Illinois Capital Funding Awarded to the City of St. Charles to Address Stormwater Runoff

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Director John Kim announced the city of St. Charles will receive $605,300 in Green Infrastructure Grant Opportunity funding to implement the 7th Avenue Creek Stream Restoration project, which will consist of constructing about 1,870 feet of two-stage ditch to enhance the 7th Avenue Creek connection to its floodplain.

A two-stage ditch includes a low-flow channel for normal daily water flow, with a vegetated bench (terrace) that will temporarily hold water during higher flows caused by storms.

The city of St. Charles project, made possible through the state’s Rebuild Illinois capital plan, also includes 4.1 acres of urban filter strip along the creek to slow stormwater runoff and remove pollutants. Project construction is scheduled to begin in Spring 2021.

“Protecting Illinois communities and businesses from persistent flooding and water damage is a top priority for my administration which is why the Rebuild Illinois capital plan has funding specifically dedicated to green infrastructure initiatives,” said Gov. JB Pritzker. “Through the Avenue Creek Stream Restoration project, the residents of St. Charles will have increased protection against excess stormwater and peace of mind that their homes and families are safe.”

The city of St. Charles applied for a GIGO grant from Illinois EPA. The total GIGO project budget is $807,067, with Illinois EPA providing $605,300 in grant funds and the city of St. Charles providing $201,767 in matching funds.

“This grant will provide financial support to the City of St. Charles to implement a portion of a much larger project which was designed to reduce flooding and to protect water quality in 7th Avenue Creek and the Fox River. The project is recommended in the State Street Creek and 7th Avenue Creek Watershed-Based Plan (2017),” Kim said. “The Agency previously approved a Section 319 grant award to the City for this project and is pleased to combine the program funds to help the City implement the recommendations of the Illinois EPA-approved watershed-based plan.”

“The eroded streambanks and increased runoff and pollutants from its urbanized watershed impacts flood conveyance and the water quality of the creek and the Fox River,” said city of St. Charles Civil Engineer Chris Gottlieb. “By increasing floodplain connectivity and storage, an urban filter strip to reduce runoff and pollutants, and implementing other in-stream improvements, flood impacts will be reduced benefitting properties and water quality will be improved benefitting the community.”

“Illinois families deserve access to clean water, and I’m thrilled to see these state funds go toward protecting St. Charles,” said state Sen. Karina Villa (D-West Chicago). “Taking the necessary steps to protect our environment today will ensure our community has the opportunity to flourish for generations to come.”

“This investment in green infrastructure will go a long way in helping the city of St. Charles effectively manage stormwater, reduce polluted runoff and address local flooding,”said Rep. Maura Hirschauer (D-West Chicago). “I am pleased to see funding approved for the 7th Avenue Creek Stream Restoration project and look forward to construction beginning later this spring.”

The GIGO Grant Program is a competitive financial assistance grant program established to help protect Illinois’ water resources. The GIGO Program is funded through the Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan. The funds are used to implement green infrastructure best management practices to control stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff causes flooding and carries pollutants into waterways such as rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands, and groundwater.

For additional information on Illinois’ Green Infrastructure Grant Opportunities Grant Program, please visit https://www2.illinois.gov/epa/topics/water-quality/surface-water/Pages/green-infrastructure.aspx .

SOURCE: state of Illinois news release

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