Kane County Working With State To Open Up To 2 Mass Vaccination Sites

Kane County Working With State To Open Up To 2 Mass Vaccination Sites

Kane County Board Madam Chairman Corinne Pierog today (Wednesday, March 3, 2021) said Kane County officials have been in active discussions with the Governor’s Office and Illinois Department of Public Health to bring as many as two COVID-19 mass vaccination sites to Kane County.

Kane County Board Madam Chairman Corinne Pierog

Speaking during the County Board Executive Committee meeting, Pierog said the sites have yet to be determined but could be identified within the next few days.

Under the program, Kane County would receive a $1.25 million grant to pay its share of the cost of operating the sites.

“Late afternoon at 5 o’clock, we did have a conversation with the Governor’s Office as well as the Illinois Department of Public Health, and they are asking for several sites to be brought forward to them where we could do mass vaccination. The Health Department would be supported by the National Guard, which I think we will find can be of great help,” Pierog said.

“We are going on a very fast track to find appropriate sites, negotiating a potential lease on one and taking a look at the other site in the next two days,” she said. “These sites will be presented to the National Guard. They’ll be bringing an advance team to Kane County to review the sites, to make sure they’re appropriate and equitable. And if it meets with their approval, this will happen very efficiently, very quickly.”

The agenda item before the Executive Committee today would establish a rental agreement with Realty Metrix Commercial for the purposes of establishing a mass vaccination site. The motion was passed by the Executive Committee and advances to the full County Board for consideration at its March 9 meeting.

A mass vaccination site is set to open March 10, with some limited appointments on March 9, at the United Center in Chicago. Seniors age 65 and over have an exclusive opportunity starting at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, March 4, set an appointment at that site.

Federal officials announced Tuesday that the government has secured enough doses of COVID-19 vaccine to vaccinate every adult in America by the end of May, according to the New York Times and other media sources.

Illinois Department of Public Health Director Ngozi Ezike receives her COVID-19 vaccination shot. Kane County’s mass vaccination sites will emphasize equity and speed in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, officials said.

SOURCE: Kane County Executive Committee YouTube livestream