Countdown To Earth Day Introduction: Kane County Rides on Spaceship Earth

Countdown To Earth Day Introduction: Kane County Rides on Spaceship Earth

  • The Kane County Board Energy And Environmental Committee, Kane County Division of Environmental and Water Resources and Kane County Connects are teaming up for a “Count Down to Earth Day” series celebrating the success stories and spotlighting the environmental challenges we face right here, right now in Kane County, IL. Today’s introduction was written by Kane County Energy And Environmental Committee Chair Mavis Bates.

We are flying through space, together, on a spaceship that has everything we need to thrive: food, water, shelter, clothing, and safety.

Like any spaceship, our needs must be met from inside this defined space. We can’t stop by the local cosmic grocery store and buy more clean air to breathe or clean water to drink! And we certainly can’t stop by the local cosmic garbage dump to drop off our trash.

Once upon a time, the Earth was a pretty empty place. Only a few people lived on our planet; so, we could all live like cowboys riding through an empty prairie, leaving an empty can of beans here, an old worn out saddle there along the trail, ignoring our own impact on the environment. A little bit of pollution or a little bit of garbage from each person didn’t seem to matter very much.

But time has passed, and now the Earth is filled up with almost 8 billion people! So, we definitely need to realize that the Earth is not an infinite, wide open space that can continue giving to us without limits, but a finite Spaceship Earth, with everything we need, as long as we take good care of her and the sun keeps shining.

As R. Buckminster Fuller said, our Spaceship Earth did not come with an instruction manual. We all know how to take care of our cars, how to put gas in the tank (or plug it in!), and when to change the oil.  But we are only now starting to understand how to take care of the Earth, how we all need to stop polluting, protect the atmosphere to stop climate change, and reuse, reduce, and recycle.

We all need to think like astronauts on a spaceship, use everything carefully, waste nothing, dispose of waste properly, and protect our quality of life for everybody.

Every Earth Day is a reminder that we must take care of our Planet Earth so she can continue taking care of us. We must ensure our impact will keep our Spaceship Earth in tip-top shape for us and future generations.

— Mavis Bates, Kane County Energy and Environmental Committee chair

About This Series

Kane County Connects and Kane County Energy and Environment Committee invites you to follow along with the annual 2021 “Countdown to Earth Day” Series publishing April 1 through April 22, 2021! Articles will be shared each day on the KCC newsletter up until Earth Day to promote learning, celebration and community impact surrounding this holiday and protecting our Spaceship Earth.

For any questions or feedback you would like to share regarding the series, please reach out to Resource Management Coordinator Ivy Klee,

Earth Day Events And Community Resources

Below are a list of resources and events happening in Kane County that you can participate in this Earth day.

Whole Earth Month Expo in Elgin

  • City of Elgin Sustainability: Elgin Community Sustainability Commission is hosting a virtual Whole Earth Month Expo. Commission members will be highlighting organizations in the Elgin area and giving them a platform to talk about their mission and how people can get involved.  Each organization will have a slide show and story about what they do and their contributions to our community.Please join us on Facebook for our Whole Earth Month Expo.  For more information please contact Chris Flaherty at

Forest Preserve District ‘Earth Day Birthday’ — April 22

The first Earth Day, on April 22, 1970, is credited with launching the modern environmental movement.

The Forest Preserve District of Kane County invites you to meet to carry on the legacy and celebrate the natural world. The campfire program will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, April 22, at Creek Bend Nature Center in LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve. The cost is $2 per person.

Discussion will center on the history and impact of Earth Day and the ways we can help protect this Earth we all call home. The evening will conclude with an invigorating twilight birthday hike!

Meet at Creek Bend Nature Center for an introduction prior to heading outdoors.

Advance registration is required. To register, call 630-444-3190 or email